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My name is Robert Slotte and the goal of my website is to help you find the coolest trumpet stuff on the web. I will do product reviews and give my honest opinion on the trumpets, mouthpieces and all the trumpet accessories I try.

I will also give you trumpet playing tips based on what I have learned during my own 37 years of playing the trumpet.

On this website you will also find a lot of trumpet articles about everything related to trumpet playing.

26 trumpet playing tips to change your trumpet playing forever

When we want to become a better trumpet player we have to practice, that is nothing new, however HOW we practice is very important. Also, in addition to spending time on the horn, there are a lot of other things we can do to improve. In this article I will share tips that I have found to be very helpful for my own trumpet playing…read more

A trumpet player is having a coldPracticing trumpet while having a cold-Bad idea?

Should you practice when you are sick? Ever trumpeter on the planet knows that if we take a few days off we start to lose endurance and chop strength. So what should you do if you have a gig coming up but you have a fever? In this article I take a look at the options, and potential…read more

How to warm up on trumpet- Good trumpet warm up exercises and routines

Every trumpet player on the planet should have a good, solid, warm up routine. This goes for, professionals, beginners and everyone in between. Warming up is very important, not only to prevent us from some form of lip injury, but also because it will help us improve faster, and also help us to…click for more

a good trumpet for a highschool studentWhat is a good trumpet for a high school student?

Having tested and played a lot of horns horns during my years, by now, it’s pretty easy to tell a decent horn from a bad one. In this article I share one particular…read more

Musicians using beta blockers for performance anxiety – Is it dangerous?

Many musicians, myself included, have experience with using beta blockers to help with performance anxiety, but how risk free is this really? There are indeed some worrisome reports coming out about the use of beta blockers and personally I will try to drastically …continue

yamaha sb7x silent brass system for trumpetI’m testing the Yamaha Silent Brass SB 7X for trumpet

The Silent brass system can make practicing the trumpet more fun than when you play with a regular practice mute. I got this trumpet mute last summer but kept it in the box until a few months ago and when I started playing it I immediately found that the back pressure was better than …read more

fun trumpet songWhat trumpet method books should a serious trumpet player own?

I compiled, what I consider to bee, the pillars of trumpet pedagogy in an article and wrote about why I think every serious trumpet player should own these books. A few of the trumpet books are written a long time ago and have been used by thousands of trumpet players…read more

piccolo trumpet10 Simple tips for playing the piccolo trumpet

If you want to improve your piccolo trumpet playing or if you are just starting on your piccolo “journey”, then take a look at this article. We can not approach the piccolo the same way as we approach our normal B-flat trumpet because if we do…well let’s just say …continue

Dizzy when playing – Can trumpet playing cause a stroke?

The last thing we want to happen, when finally having the strength to play in the upper register, is to to drop dead from a stroke. Unfortunately this is something that actually HAS happened and I wanted to find out exactly how big the risks are and… if we should be worried. I learned that it is is the pressure and tightening of the…read more

How much do we have to practice the trumpet to get good?

Many fresh trumpeters are thinking a lot about the amount of practice time. How many hours a day to how many years will it take to get good? Well, as you can imagine it is not really possible to just answer with one, exact number here. However, there are a few interesting things we can take a look at and in this article I take a deeper…continue

How many calories does 30 minutes of trumpet playing burn?

Well the short and simple answer is “it depends”, however that is also the most boring answer, so I decided to test this myself and I strappen my heart rate monitor on and started the experiment. I tested really intense practice sessions against normal practice and I also tested sitting vs. standing practice sessions to find...continue

soundproofed apartment for trumpet playingPlaying trumpet in an apartment. How to do it without starting a war with neighbors

The sound of the trumpet is powerful and can be heard miles away. However I’m willing to bet that some people, we refer to them as the “evil neighbors” here, would not call it “sound” as much as “noise” and…read more

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