Yamaha Silent Brass For Trumpet SB7X Practice Mute Review

“Once you put something in the horn that dampens the sound one problem we immediately face is a significant increase in resistance…like trying to blow air through a blocked pipe. This is a well known problem with practice mutes in general, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the Silent Brass system is pretty free blowing”

The “Yamaha Silent Brass” trumpet practice mute on my kitchen table along with my two trustworthy trumpets… that have had the honor of test playing the mute”

Yamaha Silent Brass Trumpet Review
My experience with the Yamaha SB7x Silent Brass System For Trumpet

yamaha silent brass practice mute for trumpetAre you looking for answers to the questions “is the Yamaha silent brass SB 7X for trumpet any good?” or “what is the best trumpet practice mute ?” …

…IF so, keep reading because this is my detailed review of the Yamaha silent brass system for trumpet. I also compare it to another, cheaper option in the end of the article so jump right in! Continue reading “Yamaha Silent Brass For Trumpet SB7X Practice Mute Review”

How To Not Be Nervous On Stage Performing The Trumpet

“It’s important to realize that performance anxiety in music is very normal and that it is OK… however, if the anxiety becomes too strong we have to do something about it. Then, learning how to deal with stage fright when playing an instrument becomes very useful”

How To Deal With Stage Fright When Playing an Instrument

Most of us have been there. The sweaty hands, the dry mouth, that dark feeling that “I’m not going to make this”, the shallow breathing and…

…the messed up performance that follows!

I use to be so incredible nervous when performing with my trumpet that my Continue reading “How To Not Be Nervous On Stage Performing The Trumpet”