Best Trumpet Gig Bags And Cases

“The Gator GL is a very good trumpet gig bag if you are looking for a protective, nice looking and professional single case…”

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Best Trumpet Gig Bag And Cases

Nothing makes you feel more professional than arriving at the gig, carrying a nice looking gig bag over your shoulder…

…even if your an amateur.

I remember thinking exactly this, as a teenager, many years ago. In fact I still do, but today I also realize how practical and useful a good trumpet case can be… Continue reading “Best Trumpet Gig Bags And Cases”

What’s The Hardest – Easiest Brass Instrument To Play ?

difficult brass instruments

What Is The Hardest – Easiest Brass Instrument To Play?

People often ask me “what’s the most difficult brass instrument to play?” or “What’s the easiest brass instrument to play?” and in this article I’m going to give my best shot at answering those questions. Continue reading “What’s The Hardest – Easiest Brass Instrument To Play ?”