Arban Trumpet Method Book – THE “BIBLE” Of Trumpet Exercises

Arban Trumpet Method Book – Every Trumpeter’s “BIBLE”

The Arban book is called the trumpeter’s “bible”,  and for good reason. In this article we are going to take a look at why this is…

…and I’ll also share some other interesting stuff about the Arban method book, so make sure to stay with me to the end of the article.

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Bach 5c Trumpet Mouthpiece Specs – REVIEW And Why It’s Good

Bach 5c Trumpet Mouthpiece Specs And Review

Today we are going to take a look at the Bach 5c trumpet mouthpiece specs, how it plays and some other interesting observations.

One thing is for sure though, at the time of writing this article the pricing was shockingly low on Amazon! You can click here  to check current pricing.

Ok so, so let’s jump in and take a closer look at the Bach 5c mouthpiece.

click image to check pricing at Amazon

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Yamaha 14A4a Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece Review

Yamaha 14A4a Trumpet Mouthpiece – My Experience

Is the Yamaha 14A4a trumpet mouthpiece good for high notes?

Well, in this Yamaha 14A4a mouthpiece review, we are going to take look at that. One thing is for sure though, at the time of writing this article, the 14A4a price on Amazon is shockingly low (Click here to check current pricing on Amazon)

Let’s get to it…

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My Experience With Jean Paul TR-330 vs TR-430 Trumpet Review

The Jean Paul TR-430, Intermediate model, on my kitchen table

Jean Paul TR-330 Trumpet Review The Jean Paul TR-330 vs Tr-430
My Experience

So, are the Jean Paul trumpets any good?

Well, those of you who have followed my trumpet blog for a while know that I just love trying out every trumpet brand I can get my hands on, and  in this article we are going to take a look at the TR-330 and the TR-430.

The 430 is a bit more expensive than the 330, to take a closer look at the  price, you can click here to check the current pricing for the TR-330 on Amazon, and you can click here to check to check pricing for the TR-430

I didn’t mean to buy one of them, but…

I tried the Jean Paul TR-330 and the TR-430 back-to-back for a couple of days, because I was working on an article about intermediate / beginner trumpets, and to make a long story short…

…I ended up buying the TR-430 for myself!

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Playing Trumpet With a Mustache-Does Facial Hair Help or Hurt?

a man with facial hair having problem playing brass instruments

Playing Trumpet With a Mustache Is Facial Hair a Problem?

Can I play a brass instrument with facial hair? Is playing trumpet with a mustache going to be a problem? …or…

…could it even be an advantage?

In this blog post I’m going to share my thoughts about this.

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Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For Big Lips -Thick – Large Lips

“The Bach 1C  megatone is a very good trumpet mouthpiece for large lips”

Click image to check pricing on Amazon

Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For Thick / Large Lips

What is the best trumpet mouthpiece for big lips?

We all come in different sizes, and having large and thick lips should by no means be an obstacle for becoming a great trumpet player. There are thousands and thousands of trumpet virtuosos out there with large lips, and they are doing just fine…

…some of them do indeed need bigger mouthpieces, but not all of them. You see, it also depends on what kind of chop setting we are using.

That said, before you start messing around with your embouchure, it is indeed better to look for a suitable trumpet mouthpiece for thick lips…

…assuming your embouchure is working fine, of course.

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What’s The Hardest – Easiest Brass Instrument To Play ?

difficult brass instruments

What Is The Hardest – Easiest Brass Instrument To Play?

People often ask me “what’s the most difficult brass instrument to play?” or “What’s the easiest brass instrument to play?” and in this article I’m going to give my best shot at answering those questions.

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Bach 3c Trumpet Mouthpiece vs Bach 3c Megatone – Review

Bach 3c mouthpiece vs megatone
If interested,  you can click the above image to read other real user reviews over at Amazon

Bach 3c Trumpet Mouthpiece Review
3c Megatone vs. Normal 3c

In this Bach 3c trumpet mouthpiece review we are going to take a good look at the standard Bach 3c mouthpiece vs the Bach Megatone 3c mouthpiece…

…how they differ, and which one is best suitable for you.

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