Best Cheap Trumpets Under 200 Dollars For Beginner Students ?

Editors Top Pick, The Jean Paul TR-330

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 What Are The Best Cheap Trumpets Under 200 Dollars

There are a lot of cheap trumpets out there nowadays and some of them are actually playable. However, I do want to say, right from the start, that we are now talking about beginner trumpets and if you already know that you want to try your luck with pursuing a career as a professional trumpeter, then these are not the trumpets you should go for.

That said, you CAN find a few pretty good trumpets for under 200 dollars, that are good trumpets for a beginner student, and in this article I’m going to present three cheap trumpets that I think are worth more than what the current price thag says. In other words, three good choices if you are looking for a good trumpet under 200 bucks.

Let me also state that many parents are looking for good trumpets for under 100 dollars, and to that I would say, don’t bother…

…why?  because there are none! …

…When you go that low in price, the quality will suffer big time and the biggest risk you run when buying a trumpet that cheap, is that the valves stop working after a couple of weeks. I have seen it happen over and over again.

Let’s start with the cheapest trumpet and work our way up in price…

Good Cheap Trumpet For Under 200 Dollars
#1: Mendini Cecilio Brass -Bb Trumpet-

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The Mendini Cecilio Bb-Trumpet
  • Brass body
  • Tuned in Bb
  • Medium Large bore size (0,46″)
  • 5″ bell
  • Adjustable third valve slide trigger
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Comes with a 7c mouthpiece
  • Comes with polishing gear and vale oil
  • 1 year warranty

The sound is warm and nice but of course it lack the same “core” that the professional, 3000$ trumpets have. Considering the price on the Mendini, however, there is nothing to complain about in the sound category. It is fully capable of producing a very pleasant sound.


The upper register (above the staff) tends to go a bit sharp on this trumpet, but it is still better than one could expect from a trumpet under 200 dollars. The intonation in the middle register is actually great and 99% of the playing, for a beginner, is going to be in the middle register anyway, so I can’t really put so many negative words in this category either. It get’s a big thumbs up!

Ease of Play

The horn is easy to play and that is something that is very important for a good beginner student trumpet. The Mendini responds well to the air and “speaks” easily. Good job Mendini!


There have been cases where, on some of the Mendini trumpets, the valves have stopped working. Unfortunately this is just a risk that we have to take when buying cheap trumpets. On most Mendini trumpets, however, the valves have been working really well and if you were to get a bad one, then send it back and take advantage of the one year guarantee they offer.

Summary about the Mendini Cecilio Bb trumpet

At the time of writing this article the Mendini Cecilio trumpet comes with a price tag of just a little over 100 bucks, click here to check the exact price on Amazon, and this is the lowest you should go when looking for a good beginner trumpet. Trust me on this!

My personal favorite of the three trumpets on this page is the Jean Paul TR-330, but if that’s just too much for your wallet then the Mendini would be a good choice for you. The Mendini is a pretty decent trumpet and the sound is surprisingly nice.

It plays pretty well in tune, especially in the middle register, and the valves are as good as it gets, when talking about this price range. If they for some reason stop working, which can happen on cheap trumpets, then they offer a one year warranty. So, with the Medini you have a pretty decent trumpet and are “safe” for at least one full year. Not too bad for just a little more than 100 bucks.

Let’s move on to the next one….

Good Beginner Student Trumpet For Under 200 Dollars #2: Jean Paul TR-330 Bb-Trumpet

(This one is my personal favorite and my top recommendation)

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 The Jean Paul TR-330 Bb-Trumpet
  • Tuned in Bb
  • Comes with a very nice looking and protective case (straps can be found in the case if you want to put the case on your back while cycling, for example)
  • Medium large bore size
  • Includes valve oil and cleaning gear

The sound is really nice and here I have to say that I’m surprised. If I didn’t know the price on the Jean Paul, and someone would have blind folded me and had me try it, I would have guessed that the trumpet was in the 700-900 dollar price range. Yes, the sound is really that good. It’s bright yet warm and “round”.


Here too the Jean Paul brand shines. When I was trying out a lot of different trumpets, in order to write my reviews, I loved the Jean Paul trumpets so much that I actually ended up buying the Jean Paul TR-430, which is the TR-330’s bigger brother. I write more about that in the article best beginner student trumpets. (This is an article where I select trumpets from a price range of 200-900 dollars, just so you know)

I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the intonation on the Jean Paul TR-330. Sure the intonation is a bit better on the more expensive option TR-430  but the intonation on the TR-330 is still surprisingly good. Very good job and a big thumbs to the Jean Paul for the intonation!

Ease of play

I like the way the TR-330 plays. It is easy to maneuver and the upper register is easy. It also speaks easily. Absolutely nothing to complain about here.


The valves also work great and, again, I’m surprised by the quality. I have always considered the quality of the valves one of the big things that make or break a good student trumpet. The valves on the Jean Paul, at least on the ones I have tried, works so well that this is what makes me choose the TR-330 as “my top pick” of the three trumpets on this page. That along with the intonation.

Summary of the Jean Paul TR-330 Trumpet

You can’t go wrong with the Jean Paul Tr-330. It is a very good beginner trumpet for just under 200 dollars. At least the price was under 200 dollars when I wrote this article but I suspect the price to rise soon because of all the great feedback it has received. Also because it is a newcomer on the market i would guess they want to make themselves know by selling their trumpets at a low price first, to get people to be aware of their quality, and then slowly start raising the price. But of course, that’s just my personal speculation.

You can click here to check current pricing at Amazon

Let’s move on to the last, and most expensive trumpet on this list…

Good Beginner Student Trumpet For Under 300  Dollars #2: Kaizer 3000 C series Bb-Trumpet

Last I checked this trumpet had a five star rating from real user reviews on Amazon. Click image to go read them

Note: At the time of trying and testing out a bunch of different trumpets the Kaizer 3000 C trumpet was indeed under 200 dollars. The price has since then increased a bit, and last time I checked, it was bit over 200 bucks. You can click here to check current pricing on Amazon. So, since the name of this article is “best beginner student trumpets under 200 dollars” I have to apologize for this, as it in this case should be called “best beginner trumpets under 300 dollars“…

…this is how it goes. Prices keep changing all the time in todays world. The two other trumpets are still under 200 dollars though. Anyway…

…moving on:

The Kaizer 3000 c Series Bb-Trumpet
  • Solid yellow brass body
  • Protective and nice looking case
  • 45-day free trial period. Don’t like it, send it back for a full refund (gotta respect that)
  • Heavy top and bottom valve caps
  • 0,464 bore size
  • 5″ bell
  • Comes with a 7c mouthpiece, valve oil and cleaning cloth
  • Life time warranty if something stops working due to factory errors (This is something we rarely see and this is a good thing if the valves starts to give up)

The Kaizer 3000 C has an amazing sound. Not only that but it has a “core” to the sound that is almost at the level as a professional trumpet. One of the reasons for this is the heavy valve caps that is a standard on this trumpet. When it comes to the sound the Kaizer gets a full 10/10.


The intonation is not as good as on the Jean Paul trumpet. Don’t get me wrong, it is still good and for being a trumpet in this price range it’s great. It’s just that, I think it is impossible to beat the Jean Paul, when it comes to intonation. The fourth space “e” is a bit flat on the Kaizer an the notes above that have a tendency to go just a tiny bit sharp. It’ still good though and I give the intonation 8/10

Ease of Play

It feels different than the Jean Paul but it is easy to play. The notes lock in in the middle and low register and that is something we want from good beginner trumpets. Once again, nothing to complain about here.


The valves are good yet some people have complained about the valves being a bit sticky. As I wrote in the beginning of this article this is one of the risks that comes with buying cheap beginner student trumpets. That said, I wouldn’t worry too much about it though as the Kaizer offers a life time warranty. If problems arise, just send it back and go for the Jean Paul instead, or some other brand.

Summary of the Kaizer 3000 C Series Bb-Trumpet

This trumpet has a five star rating on Amazon, you can click here to go read them, and it is a good horn for a beginner trumpeter. I personally like the Jean Paul brand a bit better but we should also remember that personal preferences play a role with several aspects of playing a trumpet, like the sound, the way it feels etc.

So there you have it, my top 3 picks for cheap beginner trumpets and if you choose one of these I think you will find that it’s a good deal. Again, if I may, I’d like to lift up and recommend the Jean Paul TR-330 as the best one of these 3. You simply get a LOT of trumpet for under 200 bucks if ordering that one.

Thanks for reading, I hope it’s been informative and good luck with choosing your trumpet!

-Robert Slotte-





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