Good to Have Trumpet Items…

The Arban Book

Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet or Cornet

arban method boo for trumpet
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OK, there is just no way getting around this one. I put this first on the list because it is THE most important of all the items on this page. There are a few important things you need to know about it before you get it. The Arban is called “the trumpeter’s bible”, and for a very good reason… Read more

A Trumpet Stand

Choose the 5-legged one over the 3-legged stand (click to check price on Amazon)

This is one of the best trumpet accessories ever invented and I believe this is almost a “must have item” for every trumpet player. Not only would I have saved my trumpet but… Read more

The KGUBrass Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster

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This is a very interesting way of experimenting with your trumpet sound. I highly recommend one, because when using one of these,  you can really center and focus your sound in a way you never thought possible. Click here to check current pricing on Amazon. Over there you’ll find more info and feedback from other trumpet players as well.

A Good Practice Mute

trumpet practice mute

Even if we have the piece, we are about to perform, 100% locked in we still have to keep practicing in order to keep our chops in tip top condition. As trumpet players we have to make sure we can practice whenever and wherever we want….

The solution not to disturb people around us? …Well, the silent way to do it…
…enter: the best trumpet practice mute

A trumpet maintenance kit

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Every one who plays the trumpet must own a trumpet cleaning kit. There’s just no way around this one…

It is important to clean the trumpet regularly. Studies have shown that inhaling bacteria and mold, that lives in the dirt inside the tubing, can be dangerous and potentially lead to a form of  lung disease that…Read more

It is literally impossible to clean the inside of the pipes without a “snake”, that comes along with every decent cleaning kit. Using running water alone will not get all of the debris and bacteria out from the walls inside the tubing.

In addition to this, playing with a lot of dirt inside the tubing affects the playing characteristics and resonance of the horn.

A good trumpet gig bag / trumpet case

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If your trumpet didn’t come with a case when you bought it you should get one ASAP. The trumpet just has to be protected because, if not,  sooner or later something will happen to it. And not only that…

… by having the horn inside a gig bag or a case the slides and valves won’t dry out and the case also protects the trumpet from corrosion. Lastly, but perhaps the most fun part…

…you just feel so damn professional going to the band rehearsal with a real gig bag, using the shoulder strap and carrying it over your shoulder. To find a gig bag that best suits you and your needs, go and read the post >> best trumpet gig bags and cases.

A Practical And Gorgeous  Mouthpiece Pouch

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I used to have my extra mouthpieces lose in my trumpet gig bag when going to rehearsals and gigs. While I knew it was not a good idea, I just wrapped them in my cleaning cloth and thought, ah well, someday I’ll get a real mouthpiece case.

This mouthpiece pouc is the nicest looking and best one I’ve seen yet, designed to fit 4 mouthpieces and a small mouthpiece brush as well. Don’t do what I did and just let your mouthpieces be lose in your trumpet gig bag , unprotected because, if doing so, they can both damage the trumpet and of course, some dirt may get inside the backbore. The mouthpiece pouch makes it so much easier and safer. And, of course, it looks awesome…

…very important for us trumpet players 😉

You can click here to read more about it on Amazon.

Provanax For Performance Anxiety

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This product has been a life saver for me during many of my most demanding trumpet solos. Before I discovered ProVanax I used to take prescription medications (beta blockers) when performing, due to my high levels of anxiety…

…however, as I wanted to stay away from prescription drugs I started looking for a natural alternative and, after discovering this product, I’m happy to say that it works even better than beta blockers.

Imagine being able to perform with 80% less anxiety and nervousness, while you at the same time are super focused and sharp! Well, that is exactly how ProVanax works for me.

If you suffer from performance anxiety, or any anxiety for that matter, I HIGHLY recommend this product. You can >>> Click here to check the price at the online vendor.

The P.E.T.E -Embouchure Strengthening Device

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I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but this little device has actually helped me triple my trumpet endurance. Yes, you read that right…

…however, do NOT just start doing a lot of training with the P.E.T.E without know how to do it because it’s very easy to mess your chops up, big time! Take a look at an article I wrote, where I share exactly HOW I use it and how often. I talk about the pete in the second half of that article, in case you are in a hurry…like most trumpeters are nowadays 🙂

You can find that article here >>> Trumpet isometric exercises



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