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best trumpet practice muteI’m doing an in depth test to find the best trumpet practice mute

We all need to be able to practice our trumpet in order to keep or chops in tip top condition and, of course, to improve our trumpet playing. Sometimes we are unable to do that due to people around us. This is where a good practice mute enters the picture. Unfortunately there are many bad ones….read more

Expensive trumpets that costs a lot of moneyHow much does a trumpet cost, and how to find a good one? Should we buy new or used?

One of the first questions, someone who is thinking about taking up the trumpet has, is of course”how much does a trumpet cost?” Well, the answer is obviously “it depends” but since I want to be a little more helpful I’m going to really dig into it. So let’s take a look at what some good horns costs in different categories (beginner to pro) as well as give recommendations on what trumpet I consider to…continue

The P.E.T.E embouchure trainerHow the Warburtone P.E.T.E. tripled my trumpet endurance

In this article I share my experience with the P.E.T.E. This cool little device has the potential to SIGNIFICANTLY improve  endurance, IF you use it in a smart…read more

What is the best trumpet valve oil?

I have a lot of experience with trumpet valve oils beacuse, well, I have had a lot of trouble with my valves over the years. In this article I share my opinion on what kind of trumpet valve oil you should buy and what kind you should avoid. I had huge problems with sticky vales on both my Yamaha and my B&S Eb trumpet. I even had the horns cleaned up in a way that made me sure…read more

6 Method books that every serious trumpet player should own (intermediate to advanced)

These are legendary trumpet books for a reason. They are the true pillars of trumpet pedagogy and when it comes to trumpet exercises and trumpet knowledge, it is here you will find everything that you are looking for…read more

yamaha silent brass practice mute for trumpetI’m play-testing the Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X on all my trumpets

I was pleasently surprised when I bought this practice mute last year. I have tried many practice mutes, some pretty good ones but, none of them really came up to this level. I think what is most fun with this mute is the combination of the freeblowing mute and the cool features that makes it possible to…read more

Plastic Vs. Metal Mouthpieces – How do they differ? And what are the best plastic mouthpieces for trumpet?

In this article I’m going to clear up some misconceptions about plastic vs metal/brass mouthpieces. I will also give a few recommendations on, what I consider to be, the best plastic mouthpieces out on the market today…read more

fun trumpet song3 Suitable Method Books for Beginners

It’s important that we get off to a good start as a beginner. In this article I present three books that I think every beginner should have on their music stand, from the very first weeks to months, when he starts his trumpet journey. We all need to have a map, a guide to follow and, even though playing without sheet music is good training for our ears it…read more

What trumpet mouthpiece should I choose for high notes?

Every trumpet player, at some point wants to know the answer to this. To be honest that is very understandable because for most of us the upper register is far more difficult to master than the middle and lower register. In this article you will read more

tuner for trumpetClip-On Tuner Vs Regular Tuner or Mobile App?  What is The Best Tuner For Trumpet?

A tuner can be a very valuable tool for every brass player. If he or she is not blessed with having absolute pitch, that is. Before choosing a trumpet tuner there are a few things to consider. For example will there be much music, or noise, aroundcontinue

beginner mouthpiece for trumpetWhat’s a suitable trumpet mouthpiece for a beginner

Short answer is that it is individual and depends on the trumpet player. However there are a few things to consider before we start on our trumpet journey.

In this article I take a look at three different mouthpieces I consider to be a good choice for a beginner trumpeter. There are some important factors we want to get get right from the start and sometimes even the best trumpet accessories can turn into something…continue

trumpet microphoneWhat is a good mic for recording trumpet – for live trumpet performances

Last year I wanted to start recording some trumpet music on my computer. I already had a couple of microphones but I was not happy with the way they captured the sound. After a lot of searching I finally found a microphone that…read more

Good trumpets for 8 – 10 year old kids

Choosing a beginner trumpet for your kid can be a bit tricky as there are so many new brands on the market. We don’t want to buy something that is built with such a poor quality that the valves stop working after a couple of months, and on the other hand we should not spend…continue reading



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