Why My Head Hurts When I Play Trumpet-Headache When Playing

Take a pen and a piece of paper and draw 21 squares, or use a paper calendar. For the next three weeks you are going to give yourself a score and write it down in the calendar after each practice session.

he has got a headache from blowing in the trumpet

Why Does My Head Hurt When I Play Trumpet?
Headache When Playing

Many trumpeters are getting headaches from playing the trumpet. This happens more often in the upper register or when the trumpeter plays loudly, and usually a combination of the two. Why does this happen and what can we do about it? Continue reading “Why My Head Hurts When I Play Trumpet-Headache When Playing”

Shaky Tone On Trumpet When Playing. Hands? Lips? Embouchure?

A man has shaky tone on the trumpet

Why You Are Getting A Shaky Tone On The Trumpet…
…And What To Do About It

Many of use have, at some point in our lives, had issues with a shaky tone when playing the trumpet. This can be caused by many things such as shaky hands, uncontrollable lip trembling and a host of other factors that I’m going to write about in this article… Continue reading “Shaky Tone On Trumpet When Playing. Hands? Lips? Embouchure?”

Pencil Exercise-Trumpet Isometric Exercises -HELL or HEAVEN?

Trumpet isometrics. A poweful tool indeed, but with great power comes great responsibility. Do them right and get massive rewards…misuse them, and get messed up for months!

The pencil exercise for trumpet

The Pencil Exercise For Trumpet And Other Trumpet Isometric Exercises

Let’s talk about the pencil exercise for trumpet. Not only the pencil trick, but we’ll take a look at a few other trumpet isometric exercises as well…

Some questions we will dive into are…

  • Are trumpet isometrics good or bad?
  • What are some good trumpet isometric exercises?
  • Who should be doing them?
  • Can you mess up your embouchure using the pencil trick?
  • Can doing trumpet isometrics help your high notes?
  • How much can I expect to improve my trumpet endurance by doing them?

Continue reading “Pencil Exercise-Trumpet Isometric Exercises -HELL or HEAVEN?”

Tromba vs pTrumpet – Which One is Better? The Difference?

The pTrumpet plastic trumpet
Click image to check the current pTrumpet pricing over at Amazon

The pTrumpet vs Tromba Plastic Trumpet

So, Tromba vs pTrumpet, what’s the deal, which one is better? Is the Tromba better than the pTrumpet or is the pTrumpet better than the Tromba?

And, what are the differences between the pTrumpet and the Tromba? If those are questions you are asking, this article will hopefully make you a bit wiser. Continue reading “Tromba vs pTrumpet – Which One is Better? The Difference?”

How Much Does A Trumpet Weigh – In Pounds / Kg’s ?

As you can see, the pocket trumpet is much more tightly wrapped, making it much shorter, than the normal trumpet. This makes them so much easier to hold for a beginner student.

How Much Does An Average Trumpet Weigh?

As I’m sitting here at my kitchen table I’m listening to a radio show where the host suddenly started talking about musical instruments with his guest. They started speculating about how much different instruments weigh and the guest asked: “How much does a trumpet weigh? ” Well, since they did not find an answer online, I thought why not write an article about this… Continue reading “How Much Does A Trumpet Weigh – In Pounds / Kg’s ?”

Stiff Lips And Trumpet Playing – Unresponsive Chops?

Stiff Lips When Playing Trumpet How To Fix Unresponsive Chops

It’s early in the morning and after my second cup of coffee I pick up my beloved horn. I start my practice day by doing som descending scales, like the ones I talk about in the article warm up routines for trumpet.

Right from the start my lips feels strange and when I get down to first line “e” the sound get’s weaker, and two steps further the low “c”,  hardly speaks at all…. Continue reading “Stiff Lips And Trumpet Playing – Unresponsive Chops?”

How To Choose The Right Trumpet Mouthpiece Size – Your GUIDE

Different trumpet mouthpiece sizes

How To Choose The Right Trumpet Mouthpiece Size

What trumpet mouthpiece should I use?

What trumpet mouthpiece sis right for me?…

Knowing how to select the right trumpet mouthpiece can be a bit difficult, especially if you only been playing for a few years. Heck, it can even be a bit tricky even if you have may years of trumpet playing under your belt…

…so, if you are someone who is wondering how to pick out a trumpet mouthpiece, then this article will hopefully help you with that. Continue reading “How To Choose The Right Trumpet Mouthpiece Size – Your GUIDE”

Can You Play The Trumpet With Braces? Easy Tips How To Do It

“Playing trumpet with braces can be a serious handicap and a source of great frustration. However, if you play your cards right, playing with braces might just give you an edge over other trumpeters in the long run…”

a girl is playing trumpet with braces

Can You Play Trumpet With Braces?
10 Tips How To Play The Trumpet With Braces

Are you a trumpet player wondering how to play trumpet with braces? Or perhaps you have a child who is about to get braces and now you are asking, is playing trumpet with braces even possible at all?  Continue reading “Can You Play The Trumpet With Braces? Easy Tips How To Do It”

Cornet vs. Trumpet – What’s the Difference Between Them?

“Another important difference between the trumpet and the cornet is the bore size, or the inside of the tubing.  On the trumpet the tubing is what we call “cylindrical” whereas on the cornet the tubing is “conical”

Cornets vs. trumpets
Two cornets to the left and two trumpets to the right. What are the differences?

Cornet vs. Trumpet

The difference between a cornet and a trumpet
and how/where they are used

This article is going to answer the question “what’s the difference between a cornet and a trumpet ?” as well as shed some light on in what situations you’d be better off using the cornet instead of the trumpet, and vice versa.

This is something you must know so stay with me all the way to the end of the article. A lot of other questions about the trumpet vs. cornet will also be answered, and I will try my best to make it an easy and interesting read… Continue reading “Cornet vs. Trumpet – What’s the Difference Between Them?”

Playing Trumpet After Long Break-Restarting Comeback Player

“When picking up the trumpet again it is actually on day two and three that you should be more careful. Playing trumpet again after a long break is going to shock your embouchure muscles, so no matter how easy you go at it the first day, your embouchure muscles will be overworked on day two and day three….”

Playing Trumpet After A Long Break

I’m quite familiar with the frustration and mental anguish that can accompany the decision to start playing trumpet again after having had a long break. This is because I have had many long breaks in may days myself, with the longest one being a little over a year.

During those periods I have found a few things to be of particular importance for comeback trumpet players… Continue reading “Playing Trumpet After Long Break-Restarting Comeback Player”