How To Play The Trumpet Without Mouthpiece Pressure -5 EASY TIPS-

playing trumpet wihout pressure
As you can see, it is important for me to use as little mouthpiece pressure as possible!

How To Play Trumpet Without Pressure

If you are wondering how to play the trumpet without mouthpiece pressure then we have to get one thing clear right from the start…

…it can’t be done. There is no such thing as NO mouthpiece pressure!

But wait a minute, stay with me here…

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What is The Best Trumpet Practice Mute? Bremner Review

trumpet accessoriesBest Trumpet Practice mutes
My review

What is the best trumpet practice mute without digital feedback system?

I just made a post where I test the Yamaha Silent brass system, you know the practice mute that has a digital feedback system with headphones…

…in that review I stated that the Yamaha is the best one out on the market at this point. I stand by my statement…

But what if…

  • What if you don’t want or need the headphones and batteries?…
  • What if you don’t have 170-200 dollars to spend?….
  • What if you are looking for the best practice mute with no headphones?…

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Beta Blockers And Performance Anxiety In Music-Musicians

betablockers I use when performing trumpet music
Holding my propranolol which I’m drastically trying to cut back the use of

Beta Blockers And Performance Anxiety In Musicians

Many people suffer from stage fright and using beta blockers to treat performance anxiety is pretty common. Personally I have been using them, on and off, for 20 years on my trumpet gigs…

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Trumpet playing and smoking cigarettes

a trumpeter is smoking his cigarette

Trumpet playing and smoking cigarettes

We are all human humans and, last time I checked, humans are not perfect. Believe it or not, sometimes we do things that are not optimal for our health and one of those things are…

…smoking cigarettes!

But what if you play the trumpet? How will the smoking affect your trumpet playing ? Or could the lung training you get from blowing the trumpet, in some way, help to fight off the otherwise negative health effects of smoking ?

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Can Trumpet Playing Cause a Stroke ?

A man is playing the trumpet

Can Trumpet playing Cause Stroke?

I’m sitting here with black coffee in my hand and my trumpet on the table after just having played something in the upper register and this time I was getting pretty dizzy from the high notes again. How big are the risks really ? Are we playing with fire ? I know that trumpet playing can indeed cause a stroke and I have been thinking about the risks before, but this time… I decided to take a deeper look at it.

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