Mendini Pocket Trumpet Review MPT-N Nickel Plated-Experience

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Mendini Pocket Trumpet Review My Experience With The MPT-N

In this article I’m going to share my expereinece with the Mendini pocket trumpet. If you have tried this trumpet I would love it if you could share your expereience with the Mendini pocket trumpet, in the comment section down below, under this article…

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Jean Paul TR-430 Trumpet Review – My Experience

Jean Paul USA tr 430 trumpet

My Experience With The Jean Paul
TR-430 Trumpet Review

When working on an article about what intermediate / beginner trumpets I consider to be the best, I tried out a lot of different horns. I had music shops send me trumpets to try out and one of them was the Jean Paul TR-430 trumpet, and to make a long story short…

…I ended up buying this trumpet for myself!

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Yamaha YTR-8335LA Trumpet Review – My Experience

Yamaha YTR-8335 Wayne Bergeron Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-8335LA  Trumpet Review – My Experience With The Wayne Bergeron Model

 The Yamaha YTR-8335LA Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-8335LA trumpet is made by Yamaha together with the phenomenal, world known lead trumpeter, Wayne Bergeron.

A while back I got to take this horn for a real test drive so in this post I’m going to share my experience with the Yamaha YTR-8335 LA trumpet and write a detailed review about it.

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Yamaha YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew Trumpet Review (My Experience)

Yamaha YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew Trumpet

My Experience With The Bobby Shew YTR-8310Z Trumpet-Review

The Bobby Shew, Yamaha YTR-8310Z B-flat trumpet is the trumpet I have been using most of the time, the last 7 years or so, as my main B-flat trumpet. It has been a great relationship and it’s about time I write a review on the 8310Z.

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