Arban Trumpet Method Book – THE “BIBLE” Of Trumpet Exercises

Arban Trumpet Method Book – Every Trumpeter’s “BIBLE”

The Arban book is called the trumpeter’s “bible”,  and for good reason. In this article we are going to take a look at why this is…

…and I’ll also share some other interesting stuff about the Arban method book, so make sure to stay with me to the end of the article.

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Playing Trumpet With a Mustache-Does Facial Hair Help or Hurt?

a man with facial hair having problem playing brass instruments

Playing Trumpet With a Mustache Is Facial Hair a Problem?

Can I play a brass instrument with facial hair? Is playing trumpet with a mustache going to be a problem? …or…

…could it even be an advantage?

In this blog post I’m going to share my thoughts about this.

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What’s The Hardest – Easiest Brass Instrument To Play ?

difficult brass instruments

What Is The Hardest – Easiest Brass Instrument To Play?

People often ask me “what’s the most difficult brass instrument to play?” or “What’s the easiest brass instrument to play?” and in this article I’m going to give my best shot at answering those questions.

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THIS is The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Marching Band

The Denis Wick DW 6882 4X

Click image to check pricing at Amazon

I consider the Denis Wick 4x to be one of the absolute best mouthpieces for marching band

Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Marching Band

What is the best trumpet mouthpiece for marching band?

Well, as you know, what works for one,  might not work for another. On top of that there are many very good brands out there, so answering this question with giving just one mouthpiece suggestion is not that easy, but…

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Are Pocket Trumpets Easier To Play? Pocket Trumpet vs Regular

A pocket trumpet

Are Pocket Trumpets Easier-Harder To Play?
Pocket Trumpet vs. Regular Trumpet

As I’m sitting here, spending a bit of time readingin on trumpet forums, I find these questions coming up again and again…

  • Are pocket trumpets easier to play?
  • Are pocket trumpet harder to play?
  • Pocket trumpet vs. piccolo trumpet, are they the same?
  • Pocket trumpet vs normal trumpet, what are the differences?
  • Are pocket trumpets any good?
  • Are pocket trumpets real musical instruments?

…so I thought I might as well write an article, answering those questions. I hope you find it informative.

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Pencil Exercise-Trumpet Isometric Exercises -HELL or HEAVEN?

The pencil exercise for trumpet

The Pencil Exercise For Trumpet And Other Trumpet Isometric Exercises

Let’s talk about the pencil exercise for trumpet. Not only the pencil trick, but we’ll take a look at a few other trumpet isometric exercises as well…

Some questions we will dive into are…

  • Are trumpet isometrics good or bad?
  • What are some good trumpet isometric exercises?
  • Who should be doing them?
  • Can you mess up your embouchure using the pencil trick?
  • Can doing trumpet isometrics help your high notes?
  • How much can I expect to improve my trumpet endurance by doing them?

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How Much Does A Trumpet Weigh – In Pounds / Kg’s ?

How Much Does An Average Trumpet Weigh?

As I’m sitting here at my kitchen table I’m listening to a radio show where the host suddenly started talking about musical instruments with his guest. They started speculating about how much different instruments weigh and the guest asked: “How much does a trumpet weigh? ” Well, since they did not find an answer online, I thought why not write an article about this…

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Most Famous Trumpet Players Today And Of All Time – A LIST

A famous trumpet player playing his trumpet

Famous Trumpet Players Today-
A List Of The Most Well-Known Trumpeters Today and of All Time

Let’s have some fun and talk a bit about some really successful and well-known trumpet players.

We will start with a list of famous trumpet players today and then, in the second half of the article, take a look at the most famous trumpet players of all time.

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Trumpet Player Gifts -Ideas On What To Buy For Brass Players

a present for a trumpet player

Gift Ideas For Trumpet Players

So your friends birthday is coming up and now you are looking for tips and gift ideas for trumpet players? Well, if so you are on the right page because, as a trumpet player myself, I know that what we brass players like…

…so on this page I will present some good ideas on what to buy as a gift for someone who plays the trumpet, or brass players in general.

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Bach 3c Trumpet Mouthpiece -Specs-And Why It Is My Favorite?

Click image to check current pricing over at Amazon

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3c

In this article I’m going to share my thoughts on why the Bach 3c trumpet mouthpiece has been one of my favorite trumpet mouthpieces, during my 35 years of playing the trumpet…

…and, why I believe the Bach 3c mouthpiece should be the standard mouthpiece, that comes with every trumpet when buying a horn, instead of the 7c.

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