Cornet vs. Trumpet – What’s the Difference Between Them?

Cornets vs. trumpets
Two cornets to the left and two trumpets to the right. What are the differences?

Cornet vs. Trumpet

The difference between a cornet and a trumpet
and how/where they are used

This article is going to answer the question “what’s the difference between a cornet and a trumpet ?” as well as shed some light on in what situations you’d be better off using the cornet instead of the trumpet, and vice versa.

This is something you must know so stay with me all the way to the end of the article. A lot of other questions about the trumpet vs. cornet will also be answered, and I will try my best to make it an easy and interesting read…

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Best Age To Start Playing Trumpet / Brass Instruments?

Kids old enough to start playing the trumpet

What is The Best Age To Start Playing Trumpet / Brass Instruments?

Brass instruments are not the easiest musical instruments to master but once you do, they present a world of fun and excitement to the player. So, if brass instruments are considered pretty challenging, what would be the best age to start playing brass instruments? Well, that is precisely what this article is going to cover.

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Playing Trumpet With A Cold – Sick Stuff!

A trumpet player is having a cold

Playing Trumpet With A Cold
Can You Practice While Being Sick?

As I’m about to start my practice session today I’m not feeling well at all. I can feel a cold coming on and this makes me wonder about a question I saw on a trumpet forum a few weeks back…

…can you practice while being sick?

Well, having friends around me heavy into health and medical stuff, I decided to take a deeper dive into that question in today’s blog post.

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What Trumpet Does Tine Thing Helseth Play?

What Trumpet Does Tine Thing Helseth Play?

Because of my website, I often get asked trumpet questions by email and today, when I opened my mailbox, a reader of my blog wrote “what trumpet does Tine Thing Helseth play?”, he also wants to know if I like Tines trumpet playing and if I have ever met her… 

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How To Play Trumpet In An Apartment Without Disturbing Neighbors?

soundproofed apartment for trumpet playing

Playing Trumpet In Apartment Without Disturbing Neighbors  How to Soundproof Plus Other Tips

If you live in an apartment with lot’s of angry neighbors around you, and you happen to be a trumpet player, you could be making enemies faster than you can say “double high c”

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