Shaky Tone On Trumpet When Playing. Hands? Lips? Embouchure?

A man has shaky tone on the trumpet

Why You Are Getting A Shaky Tone On The Trumpet…
…And What To Do About It

Many of use have, at some point in our lives, had issues with a shaky tone when playing the trumpet. This can be caused by many things such as shaky hands, uncontrollable lip trembling and a host of other factors that I’m going to write about in this article…

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Playing Trumpet After Long Break-Restarting Comeback Player

Playing Trumpet After A Long Break

I’m quite familiar with the frustration and mental anguish that can accompany the decision to start playing trumpet again after having had a long break. This is because I have had many long breaks in may days myself, with the longest one being a little over a year.

During those periods I have found a few things to be of particular importance for comeback trumpet players…

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10 SIMPLE Tips How To Relax While Playing Trumpet

a man playing trumpet with a lot of tension in his body

How To Relax While Playing Trumpet

When it comes to trumpet playing, there are few things I have struggled with as much as getting rid of  unnecessary tension. It took me so many years before I finally got where I am today and in this article I’m going to share the tips and tricks I have learned along the way….

I recommend that you try them all, implement the tips you find work the best, and practice/ use them on a regular basis. Because almost every trumpeter knows…

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How Long Should I Practice Trumpet Each Day To Get Good? How Many Hours a Day?

How Long Should I Practice Trumpet Each Day to Get Good?
How Many Hours Should I Practice…Or Minutes?

How long does it take to become a good trumpet player? How much should I practice each day to get good? How long should I practice trumpet?…HELP! Those are some common questions that people who are in the beginning of their trumpet journey often ask.

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How To Not Be Nervous On Stage Performing The Trumpet

How To Deal With Stage Fright When Playing an Instrument

Most of us have been there. The sweaty hands, the dry mouth, that dark feeling that “I’m not going to make this”, the shallow breathing and…

…the messed up performance that follows!

I use to be so incredible nervous when performing with my trumpet that my

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