What Is A Good Trumpet For a HighSchool Student

Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet 

In my opinion this is a very good trumpet for a high school student. It is an excellent choice and is a great buy for parents wanting to purchase their aspiring trumpeter a new horn.

What Is A Good Trumpet For a
High School Student?

If you like music, and playing the trumpet, then you owe it to yourself to invest in a decent trumpet. However, most high school students are still unsure where their trumpet playing is going take them in the coming years, and with that in mind it is perhaps not the best idea to invest in a very expensive, professional trumpet at this point…

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Best Tuner For Trumpet-Clip On Vs App? A Buyers Guide

A good clip on tuner can be a valuable tool when we want to learn how to really lock in the pitch

Best Clip On Tuners For Trumpet

A good trumpet tuner can be a valuable tool for every musician that is not blessed with having absolute pitch. This is especially true for brass players since our choice of musical instrument happen to be physically demanding, making 

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What is The Best Trumpet Practice Mute? Bremner Review

trumpet accessoriesBest Trumpet Practice mutes
My review

What is the best trumpet practice mute without digital feedback system?

I just made a post where I test the Yamaha Silent brass system, you know the practice mute that has a digital feedback system with headphones…

…in that review I stated that the Yamaha is the best one out on the market at this point. I stand by my statement…

But what if…

  • What if you don’t want or need the headphones and batteries?…
  • What if you don’t have 170-200 dollars to spend?….
  • What if you are looking for the best practice mute with no headphones?…

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Yamaha Silent Brass For Trumpet SB7X Practice Mute Review

The “Yamaha Silent Brass” trumpet practice mute on my kitchen table along with my two trustworthy trumpets… that have had the honor of test playing the mute”

Yamaha Silent Brass Trumpet Review
My experience with the Yamaha SB7x Silent Brass System For Trumpet

yamaha silent brass practice mute for trumpetAre you looking for answers to the questions “is the Yamaha silent brass SB 7X for trumpet any good?” or “what is the best trumpet practice mute ?” …

…IF so, keep reading because this is my detailed review of the Yamaha silent brass system for trumpet. I also compare it to another, cheaper option in the end of the article so jump right in!

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