Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For Braces – Playing With Braces

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The “Kelly 7c” – A Good Mouthpiece For Playing With Braces

Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For Braces

The Kelly 7c is a good mouthpiece for braces because it is much softer than regular brass mouthpieces (click here to check pricing at Amazon).

So, why wold we want something softer? some of you might be asking…

….well, normally we don’t want that, but there is nothing normal about playing the trumpet while having braces. Come to think of it, there’s actually nothing normal about trumpet playing in general 🙂

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THIS is The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Marching Band

The Denis Wick DW 6882 4X

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I consider the Denis Wick 4x to be one of the absolute best mouthpieces for marching band

Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Marching Band

What is the best trumpet mouthpiece for marching band?

Well, as you know, what works for one,  might not work for another. On top of that there are many very good brands out there, so answering this question with giving just one mouthpiece suggestion is not that easy, but…

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Are Pocket Trumpets Easier To Play? Pocket Trumpet vs Regular

A pocket trumpet

Are Pocket Trumpets Easier-Harder To Play?
Pocket Trumpet vs. Regular Trumpet

As I’m sitting here, spending a bit of time readingin on trumpet forums, I find these questions coming up again and again…

  • Are pocket trumpets easier to play?
  • Are pocket trumpet harder to play?
  • Pocket trumpet vs. piccolo trumpet, are they the same?
  • Pocket trumpet vs normal trumpet, what are the differences?
  • Are pocket trumpets any good?
  • Are pocket trumpets real musical instruments?

…so I thought I might as well write an article, answering those questions. I hope you find it informative.

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Yamaha YTR 2330 Trumpet Review – Standard Trumpet Experience

Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard trumpet
The Yamaha YTR-2330 has got some good reviews on Amazon. Click image to read them.

Yamaha YTR 2330 Trumpet Review  Intermediate / Student
Trumpet Experience

Are you looking for a good student / intermediate trumpet for your kid, or perhaps for yourself, and now you are wondering “is the Yamaha YTR 2330 worth the money?

If so, this is the article for you because this is going to be a detailed Yamaha YTR 2330 student trumpet review.

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5 Simple Tips How To Relax Your Throat While Playing Trumpet

a tense throat from playing trumpet

Photo Credit: Stand With Main Street

How To Relax Your Throat While Playing Trumpet

Do you feel your throat and neck tense up when you play the trumpet? If so this is a blog post you should read.

Believe it or not, this is a very common problem and something we need to fix because playing with tension will negatively affect your sound, endurance  as well as your ability to control your playing.

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B&S 3137 Challenger II Series – Bb Trumpet Review

Compared to other professional trumpets, The B&S is pretty affordable. Click image to check current pricing at Amazon

B&S 3137-S Challenger II Series  Professional Bb Trumpet – Review

In this article I’m going to do a B&S Challenger II review, and it is the 3137-S medium large bore trumpet, that is under the microscope today.

A couple of years ago, when I was in the market for a new Bb trumpet, the B&S challenger II, was one of the trumpets I had at my house for several weeks, in order to really give a good test drive. I remember it vividly, and on top of that I took a lot of notes, so it’s about time I transfer my thoughts and writings to this blog…

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Trumpet Warm Up Exercises-Best Routines And How To Warm Up

On this page you will find trumpet warm up exercises for beginners, intermediates and advanced!

Trumpet Warm Up Exercises And
How To Warm Up On Trumpet

Wondering how to warm up on trumpet, and now you are looking for trumpet warm up routines and exercises? If so this is the ultimate page for you, so grab a cup of coffee and stay for a while, because this could really improve your trumpet playing significantly.

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