The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For Endurance

two good mouthpieces for endurance
it’s not these two…these are good, but they are not the best all-around mouthpieces for endurance.

The Two Best Trumpet Mouthpieces For Endurance

I get a lot of emails with the questions,

  • What are some good trumpet mouthpieces for endurance?
  • If I want to play for a long time, what is the best mouthpiece for endurance?
  • Could you name your favorite trumpet mouthpiece for stamina?
  • Please, what is the best mouthpiece for playing trumpet without getting tired?

…I think you get the picture, endurance… endurance……. endurance! Continue reading “The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For Endurance”

Why My Head Hurts When I Play Trumpet-Headache When Playing

Take a pen and a piece of paper and draw 21 squares, or use a paper calendar. For the next three weeks you are going to give yourself a score and write it down in the calendar after each practice session.

he has got a headache from blowing in the trumpet

Why Does My Head Hurt When I Play Trumpet?
Headache When Playing

Many trumpeters are getting headaches from playing the trumpet. This happens more often in the upper register or when the trumpeter plays loudly, and usually a combination of the two. Why does this happen and what can we do about it? Continue reading “Why My Head Hurts When I Play Trumpet-Headache When Playing”

Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew 1.5 (E9.1) vs 2.0 (E5) REVIEW

marcinkiewicz bobby shew 1.5 vs 2.0

Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew 1.5 vs. Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew 2.0 Review

The Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew 1.5 and the 2.0 are very high quality trumpet mouthpieces made in Canby, Oregon, USA.

They are both pretty shallow and “small” and many trumpet players consider them to be so called “lead mouthpieces” or “high note mouthpieces”… Continue reading “Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew 1.5 (E9.1) vs 2.0 (E5) REVIEW”

Shaky Tone On Trumpet When Playing. Hands? Lips? Embouchure?

A man has shaky tone on the trumpet

Why You Are Getting A Shaky Tone On The Trumpet…
…And What To Do About It

Many of use have, at some point in our lives, had issues with a shaky tone when playing the trumpet. This can be caused by many things such as shaky hands, uncontrollable lip trembling and a host of other factors that I’m going to write about in this article… Continue reading “Shaky Tone On Trumpet When Playing. Hands? Lips? Embouchure?”

Warburton P.E.T.E Review -PETE Embouchure Trainer Experience

The warburton P.E.T.E embouchure training device
Click on the image to ckeck the current pricing over at Amazon

Warburton P.E.T.E. Review
My Experience With The PETE Embouchure Trainer

Does the P.E.T.E embouchure trainer really work?

Well, a lot of trumpet players are asking that question, and you might want to read my whole article here, because I will share my personal experience with the Warburton P.E.T.E embouchure trainer, and let me tell you…

…my results might shock you!

First, perhaps in a scary way, but then it does have a happy ending. With embouchure results I never expected! Continue reading “Warburton P.E.T.E Review -PETE Embouchure Trainer Experience”

Hawk Trumpet Review – WD-T313- Are The Hawk Trumpets Good?

The Hawk trumpet is one of the best beginner trumpets out there, if you are looking for a trumpet under 200 bucks. It’s quite impressive actually…

Click image to check current pricing on Amazon

Hawk Trumpet Review
The WD-T313 Silver Plated
Bb Hawk Trumpet

Is Hawk a good trumpet brand? Are Hawk trumpets good?

Well, if this is something you are asking yourself you are on the right page, because this time it is time for a Hawk trumpet review

Here we go… Continue reading “Hawk Trumpet Review – WD-T313- Are The Hawk Trumpets Good?”

Pencil Exercise-Trumpet Isometric Exercises -HELL or HEAVEN?

Trumpet isometrics. A poweful tool indeed, but with great power comes great responsibility. Do them right and get massive rewards…misuse them, and get messed up for months!

The pencil exercise for trumpet

The Pencil Exercise For Trumpet And Other Trumpet Isometric Exercises

Let’s talk about the pencil exercise for trumpet. Not only the pencil trick, but we’ll take a look at a few other trumpet isometric exercises as well…

Some questions we will dive into are…

  • Are trumpet isometrics good or bad?
  • What are some good trumpet isometric exercises?
  • Who should be doing them?
  • Can you mess up your embouchure using the pencil trick?
  • Can doing trumpet isometrics help your high notes?
  • How much can I expect to improve my trumpet endurance by doing them?

Continue reading “Pencil Exercise-Trumpet Isometric Exercises -HELL or HEAVEN?”

Tromba vs pTrumpet – Which One is Better? The Difference?

The pTrumpet plastic trumpet
Click image to check the current pTrumpet pricing over at Amazon

The pTrumpet vs Tromba Plastic Trumpet

So, Tromba vs pTrumpet, what’s the deal, which one is better? Is the Tromba better than the pTrumpet or is the pTrumpet better than the Tromba?

And, what are the differences between the pTrumpet and the Tromba? If those are questions you are asking, this article will hopefully make you a bit wiser. Continue reading “Tromba vs pTrumpet – Which One is Better? The Difference?”

pTrumpet Review – The pBone PLASTIC Trumpets Any good?

In this pTrumpet review we are going to take an in-depth look at the fun little plastic trumpet that the UK based pBone company makes…

…called the pTrumpet

At the time of writing this article the price tag on the pTrumpet, was shockingly low, you can click here to check current pricing over at Amazon.

In this article you will find answers to the questions:

  • Is the pTrumpet worth the money?
  • Who is the pTrumpet for?
  • Are plastic trumpets any good?
  • Should I even bother with a plastic trumpet?

Continue reading “pTrumpet Review – The pBone PLASTIC Trumpets Any good?”

Tromba Plastic Trumpet Review

If you are a professional trumpeter, playing in a symphony orchestra, this is not the horn for you. No plastic trumpet is going to be good enough for that. However, if you are an amateur / beginner, looking for a cool and fun trumpet, this could be it!

Click image to check current pricing over at Amazon

A trumpet made of plastic? Really!?!


There are plastic trumpets out there, believe it or not, and today we are going to make an in-depth Tromba trumpet review.

You can click here to see more Tromba images on Amazon

Plastic trumpets have been around for a few years now and new brands are popping up, but can these trumpets actually be used for playing on, or are they just fun “toys” for the trumpet players out there?

Well, let’s find out… Continue reading “Tromba Plastic Trumpet Review”