5 Simple Tips How To Relax Your Throat While Playing Trumpet

a tense throat from playing trumpet

Photo Credit: Stand With Main Street

How To Relax Your Throat While Playing Trumpet

Do you feel your throat and neck tense up when you play the trumpet? If so this is a blog post you should read.

Believe it or not, this is a very common problem and something we need to fix because playing with tension will negatively affect your sound, endurance  as well as your ability to control your playing.

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Shaky Tone On Trumpet When Playing. Hands? Lips? Embouchure?

A man has shaky tone on the trumpet

Why You Are Getting A Shaky Tone On The Trumpet…
…And What To Do About It

Many of use have, at some point in our lives, had issues with a shaky tone when playing the trumpet. This can be caused by many things such as shaky hands, uncontrollable lip trembling and a host of other factors that I’m going to write about in this article…

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Can You Play The Trumpet With Braces? Easy Tips How To Do It

a girl is playing trumpet with braces

Can You Play Trumpet With Braces?
10 Tips How To Play The Trumpet With Braces

Are you a trumpet player wondering how to play trumpet with braces? Or perhaps you have a child who is about to get braces and now you are asking, is playing trumpet with braces even possible at all? 

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10 SIMPLE Tips How To Relax While Playing Trumpet

a man playing trumpet with a lot of tension in his body

How To Relax While Playing Trumpet

When it comes to trumpet playing, there are few things I have struggled with as much as getting rid of  unnecessary tension. It took me so many years before I finally got where I am today and in this article I’m going to share the tips and tricks I have learned along the way….

I recommend that you try them all, implement the tips you find work the best, and practice/ use them on a regular basis. Because almost every trumpeter knows…

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Playing Trumpet On The Side Of Your Mouth-Mouthpiece Place


playing trumpet on the side of the mouth

Playing Trumpet On The Side Of Your Mouth
Mouthpiece Placement?

Are you having concerns about what the right mouthpiece placement for trumpet playing really is? Well, you are not alone since many trumpeters are asking questions like:

Is it ok to play trumpet on the side of your mouth?

Or they have questions like…

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What Is A Good Trumpet For a HighSchool Student

Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet 

In my opinion this is a very good trumpet for a high school student. It is an excellent choice and is a great buy for parents wanting to purchase their aspiring trumpeter a new horn.

What Is A Good Trumpet For a
High School Student?

If you like music, and playing the trumpet, then you owe it to yourself to invest in a decent trumpet. However, most high school students are still unsure where their trumpet playing is going take them in the coming years, and with that in mind it is perhaps not the best idea to invest in a very expensive, professional trumpet at this point…

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How To Play The Trumpet Without Mouthpiece Pressure -5 EASY TIPS-

playing trumpet wihout pressure
As you can see, it is important for me to use as little mouthpiece pressure as possible!

How To Play Trumpet Without Pressure

If you are wondering how to play the trumpet without mouthpiece pressure then we have to get one thing clear right from the start…

…it can’t be done. There is no such thing as NO mouthpiece pressure!

But wait a minute, stay with me here…

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10 Simple Tips For Piccolo Trumpet Playing

piccolo trumpet

10 Simple Tips For Piccolo Trumpet Playing

If you are thinking about starting to play the piccolo trumpet, or if you already play the piccolo and you think reading a few tips wouldn’t hurt…

…well, then you are on the right page because in this blog post I will present 10 tips for playing the piccolo trumpet.

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