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Expensive trumpets that costs a lot of money
Trumpets vary greatly in price but there are some ways you can find an amazingly good trumpet for not that much money

How Much Does A Trumpet Cost?

The trumpet is the one of the most fun and exciting musical instruments there is and if you are someone who right now are considering starting to play one, you are probably asking yourself “how much does a trumpet cost?” or “how much does a decent trumpet cost?”

A trumpet can cost 100 dollars or 5000 dollars depending on the quality and what kind of trumpet you choose. With a little luck, and with the right info, you can get a really good trumpet for a surprisingly small amount of money. This article will show you exactly how to get the biggest bang for your buck!

We are going to take a look at different kinds of trumpets, how much they cost and you will also learn what to consider before buying one. So please take your time reading in order to get the most out of the article…

…let’s jump right in!

How Much Does A Trumpet Cost?
(Beginner-Student-Intermediate-Professional Trumpets)

Let’s first answer the question “how much does a decent student trumpet cost?”  I’m going to write about brand new trumpets first. Further down in this article you can find info on used trumpets and what to keep in mind if you are considering buying one of those…

CATEGORY 1) A somewhat “OK”  beginner trumpet = $90-$190

You can get a brand new,  somewhat “ok” beginner/student trumpet for around 150 dollars.
They can be, just like the tile says, “somewhat ok” but they are far from being a good quality trumpet and I would honestly consider the next category, the category #2,  even if just starting out. Sure, if you are unsure if you want to keep playing AND if money is really tight, then go for this category. 

CATEGORY 2) A pretty decent beginner/student trumpet =  $190-$390

You can get a brand new, pretty decent student trumpet for 150-300 dollars. If I ‘m not sure if I want to continue playing, after the first few months, this is where I would start.

CATEGORY 3) A really good student-intermediate B-flat trumpet= $390-$800 

You can get a brand new, really well made and good student trumpet for 300-800 dollars. If you are pretty sure that the trumpet is the instrument for you and you are determined that you are going to keep playing, choose this category!

CATEGORY 4) A good professional B-flat trumpet = $ 1100-$3000

If you are a beginner there is no reason for you to start in this category, unless of course, you are loaded with money.

CATEGORY 5) A professional trumpet of fantastic quality =$3000 and up

Well, what can I say. For many trumpet players, myself included, this category remains a distant dream. I have owned a couple of trumpets that where over 3000 dollars but I sold, for example, my Hub Van Laar trumpet, because I felt I was not using it as much as I would have liked to, during that periode of my year, and having such an expencive trumpet just lying around made me feel bad. 

Consider these two things

1) If you are just about to start playing, don’t go too expensive…

It is important not to choose a too expensive trumpet as your very first trumpet, when just starting out. This is because, if you have never played before, you have no idea of knowing if you want to continue playing the trumpet after your first few months…

…and if you decide to quit, well now you have wasted quite a lot of money (of course you could always sell the horn but still…)

2) Yet not too cheap…

On the other hand, it is perhaps even more important that you don’t buy an extremely cheap trumpet as you first one either. If the horn has a lot of quality issues, that makes it almost impossible to play, there’s a risk that you get turned off and quit, not knowing that it was the horrible trumpet itself that made trumpet playing feel so difficult.

How much money should you be paying for a trumpet?

The Best Beginner Trumpet
In Category #1  ($90-$190)

Click image to check the current pricing over at the  store

If you live in UK or in Europe, click here to check price at Amazon UK

How much does a decent beginner trumpet cost?  Well in this case just a little over 100 bucks, since the Merando, Gold Plated Bb trumpet, is somewhere in that price range. You can click the image/link above to check the exact price.

Honestly I would stay away from most of the trumpets in this price range but I think the Merano trumpet is surprisingly good for being in the lowest category. You actually get a playable trumpet that is well worth this price. If money is tight for you, and you can’t afford anything from category 2 and 3, then I highly recommend the Merano.

About the Merano trumpet

  • The trumpet comes with a good and protective hard case
  • Glows and maintenance kit is included
  • Tuner and a music stand is also included (not bad! gotta respect that)

How does the trumpet play?

  • Intonation is ok
  • Sound is pretty good
  • Valves seem to be ok

All of the trumpets I personally use are professional trumpets so it is perhaps a bit unfair of me to make this review. But in all fairness the trumpet is not that bad. I can not compare it to the 2200-3000 dollar trumpets I’m used to playing but for being a trumpet that is under 200 dollars , this one is actually pretty good. 

What should yoy do?

The intonation is ok and the sound is also actually really good. It is also pretty free blowing and easy to play, so that’s a plus as well. If $100-$250  is your price range then I highly recommend this very trumpet for you. Want a somewehat ok trumpet, for a very low price, go with this one!

Bonus Tip

If the valves starts having issues, like they often do on really cheap trumpets, then I recommend you read my article what is the best vale oil for trumpets, because in that post I explain how “problem” valves can be fixed with a really good valve oil.

How much does a trumpet cost ?

Best Trumpet For A Beginner
In Category #2 ($190-$390)

Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

This beginner-intermediate trumpet has got some great reviews. Click the image to read some of them on Amazon

How much does a beginner trumpet cost? well, in the category “decent beginner/student trumpets” we are now stepping up in quality, and now we talking about a trumpet that is just a bit over 300 bucks.

This is the category I recommend if you are you are about to start playing the trumpet, or if you would like to upgrade from an old, crappy trumpet. If you invest in this trumpet you are getting a lot of trumpet for your money. I really have to say that it is a very good trumpet for this price (click here to check the price on Amazon)

For just a little more money than the the first trumpet, the one from category #1 , here you get a much better trumpet and I highly recommend the Jean Paul brand. I actually think the Jean Paul trumpet is so much better then other trumpets, in the same price range, that I am a bit surprised why the Jean Paul is priced this favourable…

…In fact I actually bought one, as a backup trumpet, for myself even though I’m used to playing 2000-3000 dollar trumpets. I write more about this in my article Jean Paul TR-430 Trumpet review

About the Jean Paul trumpet

  • Yellow brass
  • Comes with a very nice trumpet case (I’m impressed)
  • Rose brass leadpipe (helps give a pleasant sound)
  • Adjustable third trigger (good, we have different hand sizes, after all.)
  • Highly durable piston valves

How does the trumpet play

  • It is very easy to play
  • Valves are great
  • Very well built
  • Surprisingly good sound quality!
  • Intonation is very good for being in this price range (nearly if not as good as my pro horns and it’s the absolute best in it’s price range)

It plays with an easy blowing feel and the sound is really pleasant. The valves runs smoothly and I did not notice any “stickyiness” at all.

What should you do?

This is a fine trumpet indeed and with the one year  guarantee there is really no way to go wrong here. I tested this trumpet for the first time, during a music festival a while back, and I was very impressed with how well it played for being a trumpet in this price range. Later on I tried it once more and actually bought one for myself. If you feel like this is a price you can afford, and the following category will be too expensive, I’d say go for this horn. I’m sure it will serve you well and you can’t really go wrong with it.

How much does a trumpet cost ?

Best Beginner-Intermediate Trumpet
In Category #3 ($390-$800)

Yamaha Bb Trumpet  YTR 2330 

Now we are really stepping up in quality. This  is a beginner/student to intermediate trumpet that is of such good quality that it could almost start competing with professional models.

How much does a trumpet cost? Well here we have a horn for about 700-800 bucks, you can click here to check the exact price on Amazon and now we are starting to talk really good quality.

Even though it can also be a good choice for a beginner, if you have the money for it that is, it is a trumpet of such good quality that it is more considered an intermediate student trumpet than a beginner trumpet and…

…it is actually almost flirting with the professional trumpets, yet at a much lower cost than the pro horns. Not really at the pro level horns though, but almost.

If you re confident that you will keep playing the trumpet for at least  few years, and if you have the money, then invest in this trumpet. It’s very good quality. The amount of money you put in will be well worth it for many years to come.

About The Yamaha Trumpet

  • Case may vary. Either a semi-hard case or hard case included.
  • Accessory: Case: TRC-203, mouthpiece TR-11B4
  • Comes with a mouthpiece(TR-11B4)
  • Bell: 123 mm
  • Bore size: ML Shape / Other Bell: YL-ll Bell

How does the trumpet play?

  • Extremely nice sound
  • Valves are ok
  • Easy to blow with nice control


A few of the reviews on Amazon are complaining that the horn has got sticky valves. Even some of my pro horns have had issue with this until I started using the La Tromba valve oil so I would recommend them to try the LA Tromba on this trumpet. Read my article on that particular valve oil. You can fine the article here, what is the best trumpet oil

Other than that I see no other issues with this trumpet at all an I am in fact considering buying one for myself as a backup horn. The sound is as good as on a professional trumpet and personally I did not notice any issues with the valves at all. It is very easy to play however the intonation is not really up there with a pro level horn..and how could it be, since those costs an additional 1000 dollar or more.

What should you do?

If you have the cash and you are confident that trumpet playing really is something you want be doing then definitely go for this trumpet. When it comes to consistency in quality, Yamaha is the leading brand on the market today. Got the dollars? Invest in this fine trumpet!

What about professional trumpets?

Ok those where some good examples on how much trumpets costs when it comes to beginner-student-intermediate trumpets, and the trumpets you saw in the pictures, and that I listed in each category are the ones that I consider to be the best ones for that particular price range…

…but what does a good professional trumpet cost to buy?  Well, let’s take a look at a few of them.

The trumpet I personally use most of the time
Yamaha 8310Z Bobby Shew Bb-Trumpet

My yamaha trumpet

How much does a trumpet cost? Well, this is a professional level trumpet that I own myself and if I remember correctly I paid just under $2000 for it, and I have been very happy with it.

About the Yamaha 8310Z Bobby Shew Professional Trumpet

  • M bore (11.3mm)
  • L-tuning slide
  • 127 mm bell
  • Further development of the YTR-6310 Z
  • Newly developed technology in the production of the bell
  • “French bead” bell edge
  • Xeno design
  • Larger range of timbre
  • Light construction

How does the trumpet play

  • Easy to play with a good high register
  • Valves are great
  • Excellent quality build
  • The sound is somewhere in between bright and dark
  • Intonation is excellent


Obviously I like this trumpet, or otherwise I would not own and play it. One thing I especially like about it is the French bed bell edge, which make me hear myself better when I play in a loud orchestra or big band. This is good because that makes it so much easier to have great control over the playing.

What should you do?

Well, if you are looking for a pro horn this would be one option. However, when we are talking about trumpets in this price range then of course it would be best to try the horn before you buy it.

How much money do you need to buy the really expensive trumpets?

Let’s go even more expensive…
Still in CATEGORY #4

Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet

When trumpets are consing this much, we have almost reached the highest quality there is when it comes to Bb trumpets (click image to check price)

So how much money do I need to buy a trumpet? Well, here we have a professional B-flat trumpet with excellent quality and playing characteristics. I tested this one a couple of years ago and it was amazing! Unfortunately my budged did not allow for the cost at that time.

About the Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno

  • Reverse tuning slide
  • Hand-lapped slides and Monel pistons
  • Hand-hammered one-piece annealed bell
  • Double main tuning slide braces
  • One-piece drawn leadpipe

How does it play

  • Like a dream, thats pretty much all I have got to say
  • Robust sound yet easy to play
  • Slots very good
  • Valves are super fast and quiet
  • Intonation is spot on…perfect!
  • Smooth resistance and airflow
  • High notes locks in and are easy to play


It is an incredible horn that can be used for all styles of playing. The sound is easy to manipulate depending on what mouthpiece you use.

What should you do?

As I already said, when it comes to this much money, we should make sure we can test the horn before we buy it. It is an amazing horn, however, and since Amazon has a 100% free, 30 day refund policy, it’s not that risky buying it blind. Chances are very high that you will fall in love with it, I know I did. And if not, you could always send it back.

How much does a trumpet cost?
The super high quality professional trumpets

Shilke S32HD Custom Series Bb Trumpet

 How much does a professional trumpet cost? Well, this particular trumpet is a little over 3000 dollars and we are now starting to talk about quality as high as it gets. However, we are still talking about B-flat trumpets.

There are more expensive B-flat trumpets out there, Like for example the “Monette Trumpets” but if we go to smaller trumpets, like C-trumpet, Eb-Trumpet and piccolo trumpets, the price will increase even more and to get the highest quality piccolo trumpets you will have to pay $4000 or more.  The same goes for C-trumpets. Needless to say, this is the wrong end of the price range to start your trumpet jouney from.

What about used trumpets?

If the owner has taken good care of it, with regular cleaning of the trumpet, the trumpet should not really lose that much of its quality and playing characteristics. This is why it is (if you are patient and keep your eyes open) possible to find a really good used trumpet for a very good price.

On the other hand: If you are just buying the trumpet blind, not trying the trumpet out first, and you are unlucky, you could end up with a trumpet that has corrosion in the tubing, to the point of almost forming holes, and valves that are no longer functioning as they should…

…so buying used trumpets online well, its a bit of a gamble.

What to look for when you are trying a used trumpet
  • Valves valves valves

When you are trying out a used trumpet make sure to carefully check the valves. They have to be in good shape because they are more difficult for a repair guy to fix, than other parts of the trumpet, if you later find that hey need fixing. Don’t just play the horn but take out the valves and look at them. If you see a lot of corrosion then this should drive the price down…a lot!

  • Tubing and slides

Take out the tuning slide and look inside it. Hold the leadpipe up against the light and look through it. What does the tubing look like inside? Many used trumpets have so much corrosion in the pipes that the pipes have gotten thinner. This will of course affect the sound and playing of the horn, and on some trumpets the corrosion can even be so bad that its about to make holes in the walls. I have seen this with my own eyes.

  • Valve aligning

Take out valve slides. Let’s take the second valve slide as an example. Take it out and look at the aligning by pressing down the second valve. Ideally, when the valve is pressed all the way down, the hole in the valve should line up perfectly with the second valve tubing on the trumpet. This is in a perfect world though and a small miss alignment is acceptable when we are talking about used trumpet. Changing the valve felt pads to new ones could instantly make this better. If, however, there is a huge misalignment this should be pointed out to get the price down even further.

How Much Does a Good Used Trumpet Cost?

If we want to buy a used trumpet then obviously there are even more factors that dictates the price, other than the brand, than when we buy a new trumpet…

such as:

  • What kind of trumpet is it?
  • How old is the trumpet?
  • Has it been played a lot or has it just been in a case for many years?
  • Has it been taken good care of?
  • Are the valves and slides in good or bad condition?
  • Are there any dents in the horn and how bad are they?
  • Are there scratches in lacquer and how worn down are the lacquer?
  • Is the seller in a hurry to get money ? (if so, it’s good for you)

…and more!

As you can see a lot of factors comes into play here so this makes it hard to answer the question. However I will try to give a rough guideline.

A good used professional B-flat trumpet = $1100-$1600

Depending on the seller, and all of the above factors you should be able to find a decent to good professional trumpet somewhere in this price range. You might have to do a lot of searching and waiting though.

A good used intermediate/student trumpet = $500-$650

Again, depending on all the factors, where you live and the seller, this is about the price range you can expect.

How To Find A Super Good Horn For A Ridiculously Low Price…YES, It IS Possible!

Are you good with using your hands? Building and repairing stuff? Perhaps you have a friend that has an eye for things like that and who is good with using his hands…

…one does not have to be a trumpet repair tech to fix a trumpet.

Let me give you a pretty amazing example

I have a trumpet playing friend that likes to buy used trumpets on the internet. One time he saw a Bach Stradivarious that was seriously messed up, with a lot of dents and someone had probably dropped the trumpet on concrete or something, since the bell was very malformed. It was a sad sight. In addition to this the leadpipe was hanging lose. All in all, when looking at the horn, it was easy to think of the word “broken”…

The trumpet was far from being playable. Thus it was also very cheap. I think my friend got his trumpet for about 700 Euros. When the trumpet arrived in the mail my friend started taking on one dent at a time with a soft “hammer” and some tools he had in his garage.

He soldered the leadpipe back on with his solder and used some steel balls to push through some of the slides to get the dents out of them (from the inside out). It did not take that long, and he enjoyed working on it and I think that in a matter of two-three days, he had a perfectly fine Vincent Bach Stradivarius trumpet in his hand. Just a few years of age…

…playing as well as a brand new $3000 trumpet. In essence, my friend turned 700 Euros into 3000 Euros, and had fun while doing it. Pretty amazing, right?

Now, of course my friend is great with using his hand but he is no expert. I do realize that not everyone is this good with their hands, I’m certainly not, but many of us have a friends or know someone that are, and with a little experimenting, that person could fix up a trumpet as long as the valves are not destroyed…

…in all fairness, however, trumpets and deals like this, does not come by that often so you will have to bevery patient and keep you eyes open if this is something you would like to do. You might have to wait for the “perfect deal” for months to years.

Don’t have any friends or friends of friends how dare to take on this?
There is still a way…

Sometimes we can find messed up trumpets online at such low prices that, even if you take it to a professional trumpet repair guy, that charges a lot of money, you will still end up with a great horn. A horn that, after all is done, is valued at a price a bit higher than what you payed for the trumpet combined with what you had to pay the repair guy.

I realize this is something most trumpeters are not interested in doing since it involves quite some extra work, however, because this article is about the costs of trumpets, and looking at what we can get for different prices, I found it appropriate to write.

Have you ever bought a trumpet that you got for a bargain? Have you ever fixed up a trumpet yourself and, if so, how did it play after that? I would love for you to leave a few lines in the coment section down below about that, if you find the time to.

Thanks for reading this article and I sincerely hope you now have at least a bit deeper understanding in how much money you should pay for a trumpet. And as always…

…keep practicing!

-Robert Slotte-

P.S. As a bonus I will give you a short list with trumpet brands that I consider to be worth the money when it comes to beginner/student trumpets. Now the horns I already listed in this article are the ones that I think are the best ones, but that said, there are other trumet brands out there that do a good job as well…

…so here are a few: