Kaizer Trumpet Review – Are Kaizer Trumpets Good ?

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Kaizer Trumpet Review
Kaizer Bb Trumpet Quality…

So are Kaizer trumpets good or not?

It’s time for one more review, from another beginner brand you can find in today’s trumpet jungle…

…let’s get to it!

About The Kaizer Trumpet

The Kaizer trumpet is an intermediate / beginner trumpet, in the cheaper end of the price range. This, however does not mean that they are bad beginner trumpets. Far from it, actually. Many people who have tried it, are impressed by the quality of trumpet you get for the price.

This trumpet has also gotten some pretty imressive feedback from buyers. If interested, you can click here to read other real user reviews on Amazon.


  • Bore size: 0.464″
  • Bell size: 5″
  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • 45 day free trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Trumpet case included
  • A 7c mouthpiece included
  • Polishing cloth included
  • Valve oil and shoulder strap included

Build quality

Before I get into the details, I must remind you that I’m reviewing all aspects of the horn, from quality of build to sound and feel, AND I weigh those against the price of the trumpet. We all know that this is not a professional 4500 dollar trumpet, and that’s fine, not everyone can afford those.

The Kaizer trumpet is surprisingly well-made. There are a lot of trumpets in this price range that completely fail the quality test, even at first glance. Looking at the Kaizer, all the slides are working perfectly and the lacquer looks nice.

The valves line up with the tubing nicely, and this surprises me as many beginner trumpets are misaligned. There seem to be no soldering issues and the spit valves work like they should. The leadpipe looks clean inside…

…so far so good. Let’s continue!


Ah the valves… the valves are always the weakest point on cheap trumpets, but to my big surprise they work well. Really well actually. I try to find out if others have had any issues here, and there are a few reports of some “stickiness”, but those are rare. Most of the cheaper trumpets have a lot of problems with sticky valves, so this sounds promising indeed.

It looks like the Kaizer brand beats at least 90% of all cheap trumpet brands out there. A big thumbs up in this department.


The trumpet feels great in the hands. It’s well balanced and the pressure point on the lips feels just right. The weight is about medium. Not too heavy and not too light…

…moving on.


The Kaizer trumpet sounds good. The sound is a bit more on the brighter sound on the “dark-bright spectrum”. Whether that’s good or bad is a matter of taste, and personally I have always wanted my trumpets exactly like this, a bit more towards the brighter end.

The trumpet also projects well, and this is a big surprise, because in order to project, the trumpet needs to have a certain amount of “core” and “meat” to the sound. And this is very uncommon to find in inexpensive trumpets. I have found that we often have to go up to 500-600 bucks, before we start finding trumpets with that “meaty” sound. I’m impressed… Thumbs up!


The intonation is good as well. The notes below low c is just a tiny bit sharp with certain mouthpieces, but it is far from a problem. In fact, I would say the Kaizer has a better intonation that 90% of all trumpets in this price range. I recommend the Bach 3c for best intonation here.

The trumpet comes with a 7c, but it’s not a high quality mouthpiece, and in my opinion, the 3c works better for most people. Especially a 3c from a well reputed company like, for example Bach. You can click here to find the Bach 3c on Amazon.


Nothing special to note here. The response is neither spectacular nor bad. It’s average and for sure good enough for amateur, beginners or intermediate trumpet players.


The slotting is good. Amazingly good actually. The notes all “pop in” and  all the slots are there. Even in the high register, which is uncommon for trumpets in this price range…

…thumbs up for a good job Kaizer.

Speaking of the high register, let’s move on to the next category…

High register

The high register sings nicely and the notes are in tune. You can tell that it’s not a 4000 dollar trumpet, when playing up here, but then again, we can’t expect that from a trumpet costing just about the same as a dinner for two at a restaurant. The higher notes come out easily, and that is perfect for beginners or amateurs.


Because of the good slotting and ease of playing, moving around on this horn is a joy. The agility is good and only the trumpet players own skill level is what’s going to determine the limit of difficult music being played on the trumpet.

General feel

The Kaizer trumpet does not feel really tight nor does it feel really open. I would say that the resistance feels  “medium”. This is what we want as a beginner because when just starting out, we do not want to go to any extremes in any direction. The same goes for amateurs and hobby musicians.


The trumpet comes in protective casing that does it’s job. Not much to add here. You will also find a shoulder strap, if you would like to carry the trumpet case over your shoulder.


The price is…well, shocking! At the time of writing this article it was still about the same as a dinner for two at a nice restaurant, and compared to other beginner trumpets, in this price range, the horn is well worth the money. You can click here to check current pricing at Amazon.

Final Score: 8.7 / 10

Ok so when I put all the categories together and weigh them against the price I get a score of 8.7

This is very good and the Kaizer trumpet is now amongst the highest rated beginner trumpets I have reviewed so far.


Q: Is the Kaizer trumpet worth the money?

A: Yes it is. If you are in the market for a very affordable beginner / intermediate trumpet then the Kaizer Bb trumpet could be it.

  • The trumpet plays better than most horns in this price range
  • Easy and fun to play
  • 45 day free trial period, and last but not least…
  • They offer a lifetime guarantee (wow!)

Thank you for reading the Kaizer trumpet review. As always, I like to end my post with the question, have you tried this horn yourself? If so, whit is your experience with the Kaizer trumpet? Feel free to comment in the comment section below.

Keep practicing, and remember to have fun while doing it!

-R. Slotte-

F.A.Q’s about the Kaizer trumpet

Question: What exactly does lifetime warranty mean?

Answer: If you run into any issues with the Kaizer trumpet that cannot simply be fixed by replacing a part the company will replace your trumpet with a brand-new instrument

Question: I notice that you can choose between different colors. Are the blue, red or purple ones also made of brass? 

Answer: Brass, like a real trumpet should be. They are all the same material, no matter what color you choose.

Question: Does the trumpet come with a mouthpiece?

Answer: Yes, but I recommend you get the Bach 3c instead, for reasons I mentioned in the article. You can click here to grab the 3c on Amazon.

Question: Does the Kaizer brand also make C-trumpets and plastic trumpets?

Answer: They do make plastic trumpets, but I am not aware of any C-trumpets. At least not at the time of writing this Kaizer trumpet review.

Question: Can I use this trumpet in marching band?

Andwer: Yes absolutely.

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