Online Trumpet Lessons For Beginners / Comeback Players

a woman taking online trumpet lessons for beginners

Looking For Online / Skype Trumpet Lessons For Beginners, Amateurs Or Comeback Players?

Looking for online trumpet lessons for beginners?

If so you are on the right page!

Or, maybe you are looking for online trumpet lessons for comeback trumpet players?

…perhaps you are an amateur trumpet player, looking for a bit of help to take your playing to the next level?

Well, I can help you in all those cases!

I’m offering

32$  –40 minute online trumpet lessons for beginner students (under 16 years old)

62$  -Online skype trumpet lessons: One hour.

170$ -A package of three online trumpet lessons (3h), if you feel that you need some more work. The “three lesson package” allows us to do a follow up, to answer questions and adjust some things that might need tweaking etc. to make sure you keep going in the right way.

431$ -Two months of continuous online trumpet lessons with me, every week, for a total of 8 lessons, to really take your playing to the next level.

 What you will get from the Skype trumpet lessons

Instead of reading some “general” trumpet playing tips, you will get advice tailored specific to YOU,  your situation,  and what you need to be working on, in a direct, online coaching session with me. I will listen, look and quickly get an idea on how to structure the best practice routine for YOU, going forward.

We will work on things that you want to improve in your playing. Things that need  to be improved. Oh, and by the way, don’t be scared of that statement, because you see, everyone has got things that need a bit of work. Every single trumpet player on the planet….

…there is no final level when it comes to trumpet playing, after which he or she can no longer imrpove. We can all keep developing for the rest of our lives. And of course, that goes for myself as well.

We will do all this in tempo that is comfortable for YOU, in order for yout to get the most out of the lessons.

My policy is very simple:

  1. We start the lesson right on time
  2. We have a “non pressure atmosphere” (meaning there is no need to feel nervous)  🙂
  • We begin on time
  • The student does not have to have anxiety or be nervous, but even if he is, that is nothing to be ashamed of. I am very understanding with things like that, so it’s all good.
  • No matter what kind of playing problem you currently have, or if you feel that you are a bit embarrassed to play infront of someone, it won’t be a problem. Remember the “non pressure atmosphere” policy 🙂
  • I’m here for YOU. And we structure the lessons to work on whatever needs to be worked on, at a comfortable pace.

You will get:

-Better endurance!
-Better control over your playing!
-ProBably a bit better range! (high notes)
-A better sound!
-More enjoyment out of playing!

You see, there are so many things involved in playing the trumpet…

  • Air
  • Air support
  • The Tongue
  • The Lips
  • Air pressure
  • Mouthpiece pressure
  • The amount of MP pressure on one lip compared to the other
  • Horn angle
  • Mouthpiece placement

…just to name a few, and believe it or not, all those things can be used in so many different ways, that it’s hard to grasp!

There are, for example, 20 different ways we can set up an embouchure. We can use the tongue inside our mouth in so many ways, and so on…

…on top of that it is important to know WHAT to practice, but even more importantly, HOW to practice.

It’s like baking a cake…

We need to have the right ingredients, but also know in WHAT ORDER to put them in, and also very importantly,  HOW MUCH! (for example, did you know that most trumpeters are often spending time with unnecessary stuff and on top of that they do too much of the right thing?)

So, again, it’s like baking a cake and your practice sessions are the recipe…

…and you will get that recipe from me!

Any of these sound familiar?

-Even if you practice diligently,  endurance problems seem to be an ongoing issue…

-Trumpet playing could be so incredible FUN, but man it’s frustrating when things are not working as well as they should…

-Some days are much worse than others, and you can’t really figure out why that is…

-At the end of a practice session you lips feel wasted…

-Are higher notes really supposed to be this difficult? It does not make sense? If they are so physically demanding, then why can some people in their eighties play them without much effort?

I Know EXACTLY How You Feel…

…you see, when I was in my twenties I studied trumpet playing and music at a professional level, but in the last year of my education, just a few months before my final trumpet exam, I started to develop some severe embouchure / lip problems…

…it gradually got worse and worse. I requested more time, in order to get back in shape, and I got a full year to try to fix my lip problems. GREAT! 🙂

I practiced and tried a lot of things…almost in panic, and nothing seemed to help. Even with a full year to my work on my issues, it was not looking good. I just couldn’t get my face muscles and embouchure to start working properly again. I got more and more desperate, but that didn’t help. I was running out of time, and finally…

...I had no other choice than to let the trumpet go and leave my school!

I was playing on a very high level, difficult piccolo trumpet pieces and other very demanding stuff, and  suddenly,  I had to give it all up

…only to take a “regular” day job?

Needless to say, I was devastated!

I tried to forget about the trumpet…

As I had no other choice than to get used to my new life, I tried to forget about the trumpet, but I couldn’t. It was always there, in the back of my mind. A couple of years went by and I was suffering from depression…

…a life without playing the trumpet, was not the way I wanted to live my life!

So one day I decided, enough was enough…

I was going to solve my lip problems once and for all!

…and to make a long story short, I DID IT!

It took me so many years, but I freaking did it.

Fast forward, and 20 years later…

  • My embouchure is now working 3x better than when I was at my top, before the problems started
  • I discovered so much about the trumpet playing mechanism during my years of trying to get back in shape
  • I have literally changed my embouchure / playing technique MORE THAN 30 TIMES during the last 15 years

Now, I’m not proud of having changed my technique more than 30 times because that is very frustrating and mentally a tough thing to do. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO BE GOING THROUGH THAT! And I can help you avoid all the mistakes I did.

However, this is what I had to do myself to get where I’m at today. And I’m saying it to drive home the point that there are so MANY techniques and ways to play the trumpet and, if we are struggling, we should never ever give up!

Sure, I stumbled on embouchures that worked pretty well for me long before getting to the one I use today, however since I no longer had the pressure of studying or playing at a professional level I could continue experimenting…

…to find techniques that worked better and better.

I continued to tweak stuff here and there, and now 23 years later, it is with confidence I can say that it know feels great to play the trumpet again…

With all the things I discovered along my journey, today I’m stronger than ever:

Online Trumpet Lessons For Comeback Players / Amateurs  And Beginners

This is how we set it up:

If you are interested in working with me, send me a short email at:

Make the email as short as possible, but include the following in your first email:

  • Your name and age.
  • Where you live.
    (This is to get our timezone synced for lessons)
  • Your phone number.
    (This is so that we can get in touch if we run into some technical issues during the lesson)
  • How long you have been playing and on what level you are on.
  • A few short lines on what you would like to improve with your playing.
    (This is so that I can prepare and offer my best services to you)
  • What time of the week when you are available for lessons. Suggest 5 different times and days.
    (This is to help find a time that is suitable for both of us)

I will respond to your email within a few days, and based on your email, I will also suggest a time for our lessons…

…if everything looks OK to you, reply to the email, confirming the time of the lesson after which I will send one last email on how to set everything up (payments etc.) and we’ll take it from there.

If we can not find a time that is suitable for both of us with the first exchanged emails, we will just have to exhange a few more…no big deal 🙂

Online Skype Trumpet Lessons F.A.Q’s

Q: What are the pros and cons of online trumpet lessons via skype?


Well, you don’t have to travel and use gas money. You can have them in your favorite room in your house at a time that you find suitable. You get to play in your most comfortable environment, which often also means less anxiety 🙂


Real life lessons are of course a bit better because the teacher is better able to see exactly what you are physically doing. There is no way of denying that. There are also of course a bit more trouble if sheet music and other stuff needs to be exchanged, but all those things are still fixable.

I’m the first to admit that if you are a trumpet student looking for a serious career in music, lessons in real life is not something you should stop doing just because trumpet skype lessons are more convenient.

Q: Do you also give online trumpet lessons via Skype for professional trumpet players.

A: As for now, I only offer online trumpet lessons for comeback trumpet players and amateurs / beginners. Most professional trumpet players have their playing mechanism under control.

Q: Do I need to have Skype in order to do an online trumpet lesson with you?

A: I’m looking into other options, but right now that’s the only option, so yes you need will need to have Skype and know how to operate it. I will update this page as soon as I have more options available. So stay tuned for that, if you don’t like Skype…

Q: How about trumpet lessons via phone?

A: It is possible, but in my opinion that is just too difficult as I need to see what the trumpeter are doing in order to help him. So I only offer live “video” trumpet lessons as for now.

Anything on your mind? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions here: