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Cornets vs. trumpetsCornet vs. Trumpet – What’s the difference?

Most people know what a trumpet is and many have even tried playing one. However not as many know about the trumpets brother, the cornet. In this article you will discover the differences between the two and you will also learn in what situations one is to prefer over the other. One ineresting thing to…continue reading

Kids old enough to start playing the trumpetWhat is the best age to start playing the trumpet

Do you have a kid that wants to start playing a brass instrument? If that’s the case then this article is for you. Which brass instrument is best suitable to start on and are what do we need to know about the different brass instruments before we choose one to star on? There are a few things to consider before we start thinking…read more

Does playing the trumpet hurt my dogs ears?

You open your trumpet case, put your favorite play along track in the CD player, step into the imaginary spotlight and you let the sound of the trumpet fill your living room. Immediately the audience gets ecstatic and starts singing along. Well, perhaps audience is the wrong word. At least if we ask your dog and it might even… continue reading

asthma inhalator for trumpet playingIs playing trumpet good for asthma?

As a person suffering from asthma myself, I decided to ask around and find out what the experts have to say on this subject. Asthma can indeed be a barrier between you and the way you would like to use the air, when playing the trumpet. Interestingly enough it turns out that there are some pretty supricing things that can happen when…read more

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