Trumpet Player Gifts -Ideas On What To Buy For Brass Players

a present for a trumpet player

Gift Ideas For Trumpet Players

So your friends birthday is coming up and now you are looking for tips and gift ideas for trumpet players? Well, if so you are on the right page because, as a trumpet player myself, I know that what we brass players like…

…so on this page I will present some good ideas on what to buy as a gift for someone who plays the trumpet, or brass players in general.

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Broadway Trumpet Player Figurine

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A nice looking, funny, trumpet player figurine for your trumpet playing friend to put on the shelf in his practice room. This could be a cool trumpet player gift.

  • 5.4 x 3.8 x 3.4 inches
  • 8.6 ounces

Trumpet Player Cufflinks

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Trumpet players love to arrive at the gig wearing “special” trumpet accessories, or something than points out that, not only is he a trumpet player, but he also LIVES the trumpet lifestyle. Few things could achieve that feeling better than wearing, special, trumpet cufflinks. This could indeed be a wonderful present for a trumpet player.

  • Width 1 inch
  • Length 2.50 inches
  • Height 0.58 inches

Trumpet Music Decor Wall Hanging

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If you are looking for a trumpet player gift then ask yourself this, “Would my friend like to decorate a part of his or her house with this?”. If the answer is “yes” then you just found yourself a suitable present.


40″ W by 60″ L
60″ W by 80″ L

  • High quality 100% polyester silky satin blend
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight fabric with hand-sewn finished edges

Horizontal Trumpet Holder, Wall Stand

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Having trouble knowing what to buy as a gift for your brass playing friend? Perhaps a trumpet holder that he can put on one of the walls in his house could be a good gift idea? It always makes the practice session easier to start if the trumpet is right in front of you instead of locked in, inside the trumpet case.

  • Weight 11,7 ounces
  • 5.8 x 6.2 x 3.5 inches
  • Life time warranty

Trumpet Silver Necklace

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This is a good trumpet player gift as it can be used on gigs as well as in everyday life. Like I already mentioned, nothing makes a trumpeter more proud than having something that amplifies his identity.

This is a personal favorite of mine because it is an EXACT replica of a real trumpet, accurate down to the smallest detail. We brass players love that.

  • Nickel silver
  • 0,32 ounces
  • 3.7 x 2.4 x 0.4 inches

K&M music stand

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Every single trumpet player likes to have a floor stand for his trumpet. If you are unsure whether or not your friend already owns one then don’t worry. Most trumpeters have several trumpets and we like to have a stand fore each horn…

…even if he doesn’t then it’s still convenient owning several because we like to have one in our trumpet case to bring to our gigs and rehearsals, and one permanently on the floor in the practice room. The K&M are the best brand when in comes to trumpet stands and your friend would for sure appreciate this present.

  • 7.2 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches
  • 14.1 ounces

Steven Harris Trumpet Necktie

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This is just such a good gift for a trumpet player. The necktie speaks for itself and I think 99,9% of people playing a trumpet would love to wear this to a gig. I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong here.

    • 100% polyester microfiber
    • 56 inches long and 4 inches wide at its base

A Plastic Trumpet (Tromba Metallic Blue)

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We are now going a bit more expensive here but this is something your brass playing friend would love to get. I know I would. Sure the plastic trumpets are mainly for fun but they are actually pretty decent and it is indeed possible to make them sound beautifully…

…granted, not as easy to play as a brass trumpet but still, I think every trumpeter would love the fun challenge in this. This is a perfect gift for a trumpet player on his 50th birthday where something a bit more expensive is required…

…or perhaps  as a wedding gift.  It’s still well under 200 bucks though. Precision made high quality Bb plastic trumpet


-5¡± One Piece Bell, 0.459″ Bore 5¡±
-Weight: Approx. 500g
-Extremely robust and sturdy ABS construction
-Adjustable 1st,2nd and 3rd valve tuning slides
-Adjustable main tuning slide
-2 Water keys (main tuning and 3rd valve tuning slides)
-Conventional top sprung valves with interchangeable springs
-Rugged one piece molded valve block
-Unique twist and lock quick release top and bottom valve caps
-Valves can be lubricated by any normal quality synthetic oil
-5 bracing points from bell section to valve block and leadpipe section
-Reinforced mouthpiece receiver – accepts any standard metal mouthpiece

Chop Saver Protective Lip Balm

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The most inexpensive gift to buy for a trumpet player, yet something very useful that he or she will surely appreciate. The chop saver lip balm helps the lips recover after a long and taxing practice session and it really makes a difference. I’m speaking from experience here. For just a few buck this could be a good present for a brass player.

    • 100% all natural lip therapy
    • FDA approved SPF15
    • Recommended by doctors for their patients who suffer from chronic chapped lips

Silver Brooch: Major Cornet

gift idea for a trumpet player
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This is could be a very good gift idea for someone who plays the trumpet or a cornet. This silver brooch is made in Germany. The major cornet brooch will add a touch of fantasy to your brass player friend.

  • 2.5 x 5.3 cm

Soulo Mute Trumpet Bucket Mute

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This is a fantastic trumpet mute that is a bit unusual but very fun to use. Since the mute is a bit more unusual your friend probably does not own one…

…until he or she get’s one as a present from you. The bucket mute is loads of fun and will surely be appreciated and put to god use for years to come.

  • Very versatile bucket mute
  • Perfect pitch and no back pressure
  • 2 Adjustable positions for different color sounds

Trumpet Tie Clip

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This nice looking tie clip is made out of brass. Kind of fitting to buy as a present for your brass playing friend. It just might be a huge success.

  • Materials: Brass
  • Size: about 2 in x 0.6 in

Stainless Steel Trumpet Water Bottle “Trumpet, everything else is just accompaniment”

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 A funny trumpet water bottle made out of stainless steel with the text “Trumpet, everything else is just accompaniment” could be a good present. As I already said, we like to be reminded of our “superiority” 😉

  • Made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel
  • Holds 0.6 liters (approximately 20 ounces)

Trumpet Player Unisex Kitchen Bib

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Does your musician friend like to cook? If so this could be a cool thing to buy for him or her. It features a jazz trumpet player with sunglasses, playing an expressive piece of music.

  • Adjustable neck with black ties
  • High quality %100 spun polyester fabric
  • Machine Washable, Delicate Cycle. Long Lasting
  • Proudly designed & printed in the USA

A Medieval Trumpet

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As a trumpet player myself I would LOVE to get this as a gift for my birthday. A medieval trumpet to have on the wall in my practice room. Note, the trumpet is, of course, not an original as, unfortunately,  you won’t find many of those anymore.

  • 14.4 ounces
  • 26 x 4.9 x 4.9 inches
  • Metal

A Trumpet Cleaning Kit

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It does not matter if your friend already has a trumpet cleaning kit because this is something we always need to buy more of, as the old one wear out. This could be a good gift to buy for a trumpet player because it is practical and useful, unlike jewelry.

  • Includes everything a brass player needs to care for their horn

A High Quality Sheet Music Stand

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If your are worried about buying something for your musician friend because he or she may already own it then this could be an option IF he or she lives in a house with several rooms. Personally I like to have several music stands and I have three different ones in my own house. No need to constantly move them around when I want to practice in another room.

  • Portable yet sturdy for traveling, school or home.
  • Tray tilts 180 degrees for maximum flexibility.
  • Carrying bag and note clamp.
  • Lifetime warranty

A Gig Bag For One Trumpet

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Even though I already have a gig bag that can hold three trumpets I would LOVE to get this as a Christmas present, for example. It’s a very nice looking gig bag and I would use it for some of my gigs when I only have to use one horn. I’m willing to bet that your friend, husband, wife or child feel the same way.

  • Features 15mm Soft Internal Foam Cotton Padding Thick Enough to Protect Your Trumpet from Scratch During Transport and Carrying
  • With 3 Nails on the Bottom Reducing the Direct Friction Between the Bag and the Ground to Extend the Service Life,and Better Protection of Musical Instruments
  • With Adjustable Padded Single Shoulder Strap and Comfortable Soft Leather Gripped Handle

Personal Embouchure Training Device


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This device is called PETE, which stands for “personal embouchure training device”. It is a gadget that the brass player can carry around in his pocket and every so often during the day train his lip strength. It’s a fantastic way to keep the strength in the face muscles when not having access to the trumpet. Use it in school, at job or whenever you cant get to your horn.

A Good Trumpet Sheet Music Book With CD, Tunes And Instructions

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This is a popular and really fun trumpet bookfor beginners to intermediate trumpet players. So if you are looking for brass player gifts for someone who is a professional musician, this is not the right present for him or her…

…but, it would be a wonderful gift for someone who is just starting out, or for someone who only has a couple of years of playing under their belt. The music included lets you play the songs with a professional backup band so learning and practicing are cooler than ever.

The BERP Trumpet Training Device

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The BERP is a cool little device that you attach to the leadpipe of the trumpet. It is used when the trumpeter wants to practice on the mouthpiece alone. I use the BERP on a daily basis myself and I can highly recommend it. Don’t worry if you do not get the idea behind it, your trumpet playing friend will, of that I’m sure!

A Trumpet Valve Guard Made of Leather

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If you are wondering what to buy as a gift for someone who plays the trumpet then ask yourself this…

“Is your friend someone who takes good care of her stuff?”

…If so then this could be the perfect gift. It is a trumpet valve guard made of real leather and it will protect the trumpet from stains and wear from the hand. You see, after playing the trumpet for a couple of months-years the lacquer where you keep your hand starts to wear off. This does not happen if you use a valve guard.


Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch For Four Pieces – Real Leather

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Of all the items on this page, in my opinion, this is one of the absolute best gifts you could get for a trumpet player. I would LOVE to get one of these as a present. We don’t want our mouthpieces lose in the gig bag as they might damage the horn and in addition, dirt gets inside the mouthpieces. Every trumpeter would love to have this high quality mouthpiece pouch made of real leather…

…if you are unsure and in doubt. Go for this one. I can guarantee it will be a success!

Heavy Booster For Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Every brass player loves to experiment with their sound and equipment. This is a mouthpiece booster that you put over the mouthpiece and it will affect the way your trumpet sound. It will also make the feel a bit different and this is something that can improve the playing for some people. Is your friend someone who likes to test and try out news things? If so, this could be the right item to buy for him or her.

The Arban Book

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Every single brass player on the planet need to own the Arban book. It is a trumpet book that is reffered to as “the trumpeters bible”, and for good reason. Everyt exercise a trumpeter needs can be found in it. Worried about if he or she already owning the book?…

…don’t worry, personally I have two. It’s not necessary to have two but I want to. One for every music stand…

…yes, playing exercises out of this book is that important.

 Vibrating Wearable Metronome

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This is a cool invention and very useful for brass players. I can take myself as an example here. When I play my exercises, using a normal metronome, I really have a hard time hearing the “beep beep beep”. The trumpet is a loud instrument and I can not use the full dynamic range of my instrument if I want to hear the beats….

…so it forces me to play all the trumpet exercises at a soft volume. This is limiting and to be avoided. With this clever gadget the problem is solved because it uses sound AND vibration on the wrist. It could indeed be a cool present to buy for someone who plays a brass instrument.

  • Vibrational Metronome that is 7x more powerful than the average vibration of a smartphone
  • Create Custom Rhythms. Customize time signatures and subdivisions. Set accents. Feel the difference

A Tuner Specifically Made For The Trumpet

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This is a great tuner because it is specially designed for trumpet or cornets. It uses the vibration from the bell to tell you where the pitch is. The benefits of this is that you can use it during, for example, band rehearsals without the instruments around you disturbing the tuner with their sound. This is not possible with normal tuners. A great gift idea for someone who plays the trumpet.

  • Single AAA battery lasts 100 hours Improved, lightweight clip design Full-color LCD with three display modes Shuttle switch for simple operation Calibration, auto power-off and memory functions
  • Korg’s AW-LT100 line of clip-on tuners offer high-precision tuning, a vivid, full-color display and an incredible 100 hours of battery life
  • The AW-LT100T is equipped with a small clip that’s optimized for attachment to the bell of a trumpet, cornet or trombone
  • The body’s lightweight design features triangular shuttle switches that allow intuitive operation
  • You can easily position the tuner for best visibility, allowing you to stay aware of your own pitch while you practice

Jean Paul Tr-430 Intermediate Trumpet

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Ok, I’ll put the most expensive, and in in my opinion nicest, option last on this list. This is a newcomer on the trumpet market and as they try to make their brand known it is sold at a VERY affordable price. If the person you are looking to find a trumpet gift for is a beginner, playing on an old beginner trumpet, this would be a very nice upgrade…

…the Jean Paul TR-430 has got phenomenal feedback since the release and when I got to try one I was actually so impressed that I went and bought one for myself…

…this despite the fact that I only played on professional trumpets the Last 25 years. Yes, I was that impressed with the Jean Paul TR-430 trumpet. I write more about this in the article what is the best beginner trumpets.  For just a little more than 300 bucks this horn actually plays like a pro horn somewhere around 900-1300 bucks.

So, as I said, This could be a very good upgrade for someone who started out on a beginner horn that perhaps was old and not that fun to play on.

  • The Jean Paul Trumpet is in key of Bb
  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • Adjustable third trigger
  • Highly durable piston valves

Gift Ideas For Trumpet Players
Final Words

I hope you can find something useful in this article as when writing it I was thinking from a perspective of the receiving end, as a trumpeter myself. Imagine giving a nice trumpet player gift to your friend as he blows out the candles on his birthday cake. The party would become a success for sure 🙂

Thank you for reading and good luck with your present.

-Robert Slotte-

P.S. Are you a trumpeter reading this article? If so, what is the best trumpet present you ever received? Please feel free to leave a few comments in the comment section down below and let me and the rest of the readers know because it could really help.

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