Trumpet Playing Tips For Beginners To Advanced

Ever asked yourself the question “how to become a better trumpet player ?”
Well I know I certainly have asked myself that question, and on this page I’m going to share all kinds of trumpet playing tips with you. Trumpet playing tips for beginners all the way to advanced.

You will find stuff like
  • Trumpet technique exercises
  • Mental tips and tricks
  • General trumpet playing advice
  • And general “how to’s

…and everything in between, on how to improve trumpet playing!

Comeback trumpet players guide-How to get back after a long break

It does not matter if you have been off the horn for 3 years or 8 months. Returning to the trumpet is going to be difficult. I have personally had many periods of “trumpet timeouts” in my life and, after a lot of frustration, I finally came up with a comeback players guide. It is important that we go slow in the beginning because, after just a few weeks with…continue reading

How to combat stiff and unresponsive lips

Many trumpeters are having issues with stiff and unresponsive chops. Especially in the first half of the day. This can make having gigs early in the day almost impossible for some. I know the problem first hand since I have been there myself. In order to….read more

10 SIMPLE Tips How to Relax While Playing Trumpet

The trumpet is a physical instrument, there’s no denying that. So, how do we stay relaxed while we are playing? Tension is one of the biggest reasons to why so many trumpeters mess up and play much worse that they otherwise would, during gigs. Not only that, the tension will actually hinder progress and working on how to get rid of it is…read more

a girl having bracesCan you play trumpet with braces? 10 Tips how to make it easier

Playing trumpet with braces on your teeth is often a source of great frustration. There are however a lot of things we can do to make this process easier. I this article I will talk…read more

How to warm up on trumpet – Best trumpet warm up exercises

We all have to warm up. Ther is just no way around that and in this article I share my favorite trumpet warm up routine as well as other simple, but effective exercises, you can implement into your warm up routine….continue reading

mouthpiece is stuck in trumpetMouthpiece stuck in trumpet – How to remove it

Oh crap! I can’t get the mouthpiece out. How am I supposed to close the trumpet case with the mouthpiece still attached to my horn? Most of us have been here and in this article I’m going to share four easy tips how to go about…read more

playing trumpet wihout pressureHow to play the trumpet without too much mouthpiece pressure 5 EASY Tips

One of the biggest issues many trumpet player needs to overcome in order to become a better trumpet player is mouthpiece pressure. The soft and thin lips are liteterally …continue reading

How to improve the quality of your sound

“If you have a really good sound you can get away with murder” was something that Jens Lindemann said. And he is almost right. Sound quality is probably THE most important aspect of trumpet playing and something we should be…read more

How to deal with stage fright when playing the trumpet

Many people get performance anxiety when they have to do something in front of an audience, or even if just a few people happen to be watching. A few valuable trumpet playing tips in this situation  can be to…continue reading

How can I increase trumpet endurance?

When we wonder how to become a better trumpet player one important part is the ability to be able to play what we are supposed to without getting tired…. Or at least to be able to play without the sound ceases coming out of the bell and the audience wonders “why did he stop playing?”read more

how do i become a better trumpet playerHow do I get rid of airy sound?

I got a question from a guy who wants to become a better trumpet player and spend very much time practicing. He suffers from air in the sound and can not get a clean and clear tone. With this problem it is important to…continue reading

piccolo trumpet lead pipes26 Unusual Tips To Help You Become a Better Trumpet Player

In order to become a better trumpet player we have to practice. Nothing new there, but there are also A LOT of other things we cane do to improve our trumpet playing. In this article I share 26 trumpet playing tips that will make you a better trumpet more

Playing trumpet on the side of your mouth-How to find the correct mouthpiece placement

Many trumpeters are wondering about mouthpiece placement and a worried about where how to find the optimal mouthpiece placement. In this article I’m going to clear up some misconceptions and also give some tips on…read more

How to preven lips from swelling when playing the trumpet

A lot of people have problems with lip swelling when practicing or during the gig. Needless to say this issue is something that can prevent us from playing the way we would want to play. Personally I had big problems with this and it wasn´t until I started doing these 7 things that I started to se big improvements, and as a result my…continue reading

cleaning the trumpet How often should you clean your trumpet? … and HOW to clean a trumpet

Leaving a lot of debris and dirt inside the tubing is not good for the trumpet and it also affects the resonance and playing characteristics of the trumpet. In addition to this it could even be dangerous and potentially lead to a form of lung disease…read more

A man has shaky tone on the trumpetShaky tone on trumpet…What causes It and how do we fix it

Some trumpet players are having trouble playing with a steady tone and it can really be something that annoys the crap out of the trumpeter. What is causing this issue and how do we fix it? Well, in this article I’m taking a dive into this and besides a few trumpet playing tips you will discover the causes as well as some of the best ways to…continue

a tense throat from playing trumpet5 Simple tips How to relax and open your throat while playing the trumpet

Tension tension tension. Tension is, if not the biggest, then one of the biggest enemy, a trumpet player can have. Tension in the throat and chest area will rob you of your sound, control, endurance and…read more



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