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Trumpet Reviews

On this page you will find shortcuts to all the detailed trumpet reviews I have made on individual horns. My ambition is to keep growing the page, so be sure to come back regularly.

Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard trumpetYamaha YTR-2330 Student Trumpet (Beginner / Intermediate Trumpet)

The Yamaha quality almost never disappoints. When you open the case, and grab the Yamaha YTR-2330 trumpet, one of the first things you will notice is that, unlike so many other beginner trumpets…read more

Jean Paul TR-430 Trumpet Jean Paul TR-430 Bb Trumpet Review (Intermediate Trumpet)

The Jean Paul TR-430 is marketed and sold as an “intermediate” trumpet. I playtested this horn along with a lot of other trumpets in December 2018 and it ended with me buying one for myself. To be honest I can not understand why…continue reading

Yamaha YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew TrumpetYamaha YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew Trumpet Review (Professional Bb Trumpet)

The Yamaha YTR-8310Z, Bobby Shew model B-flat trumpet has been my main axe the last 7-8 years now and I have a lot of things to say about it. The other two Bb trumpets I have owned and played, alongside with the Yamaha, the last couple of years are a Hub Van Laar Oiram III and a normal Vincent Bach Stradivarius model 43….click here for the 8310Z review

Hawk Trumpet Tr-313Hawk Trumpet Review WD-T (Beginner / Intermediate Bb Trumpet)

There are a lot of cheaper trumpet on the market today. The Hawk trumpet is another one. In this article I will take a deep dive into this brand and, hopefully, you will find it informative. I want to remind everyone that we have to keep in mind than, when talking…click here for the Hawk review

Yamaha 8335LA trumpetYamaha YTR-8335LA Wayne Bergeron Trumpet Review (Professional Bb Trumpet)

I while back I got to try the Yamaha 8335 LA trumpet for a few days and in this article I share my experience with the horn. The 8335LA was developed by Yamaha in cooperation with Wayne Bergeron, the phenomenal and world known trumpeter from Los Angeles….read more

Mendini Trumpet Review – MTT-L Cecilio (Beginner Bb Trumpet)

The Mendini pricing is shockingly low and right from the start we have to make clear that this is a beginner trumpet. In other words, you shouldn’t be thinking about buying if you are planing on becoming a professional. trumpet player, or if you…continue

mendini pocket trumpet reviewMendini Pocket Trumpet Review MPT-N (Beginner Bb pocket trumpet)

In thisarticle I share my experience with the Mendini pocket trumpet. Just like the standard size, Mendini trumpets, this horn is surpricingly cheap. If you are in the market for a new, and relatively…click to read more

Jean Paul TR-330 vs TR-430 (Student Model vs Intermediate Model)

As you can see on the top of this page, I have already written an article about the Jean Paul-TR430. Well, as I also got to play the student model (the TR-330) back-to-back with the intermediate model (the TR-430) I thought it might be helpful to also make a Jean Paul TR-330 Review, where I share my experiences with the student model, as well as write about how it differs from the intermediate model…read more

Glory brass bb trumpetGlory Brass Bb Trumpet Review (Beginner – student Bb Trumpet)

Another very cheap beginner trumpet under the microscope here. This time I’m going to examine the Glory Brass Bb trumpet. Now, this trumpet is the cheapest trumpet I have examined so far, and I have to say that…read more

B&S Challenger II 3137 (Professional Bb Trumpet)

In this article it is time for the B&S Challenger II to be under the microscope. The Challenger II is a professional Bb trumpet made in Germany and it is safe to say that, as soon as you pick up the trumpet and look at the…read more

stagg WS TR 255 pocket trumpetStagg WS-TR225 Pocket Trumpet Review (Beginner/Intermediate Trumpet)

While this trumpet is still on the cheaper end of the price range, we are now taking a step up in quality from the 100-200 dollar trumpets. This is also something that becomes noticable, as soon as the  trumpet player puts the Stagg trumpet to the the lips and start blowing. It is clear that this trumpet have a lot more going on than the…read more

pTrumpet Review – The pBone Plastic Trumpet

What a cool looking horn, but plastic? All plastic, is that even possible? And I really mean all plastic, since the valve casing and pistons are also made out of plastic. Well, skeptical as I am, that does not prevent me from finding out more so in this article you will find out what I learned after having done some serious…continue reading

I will try to write the trumpet articles as detailed I can and therefore some of them might be very long. In order to help you find what you are most interested in, about the particular trumpet, I will have every article with the trumpet tests structured like this:

  • Short about the trumpet
  • The Specs
  • Build quality
  • Valves
  • Balance
  • Sound
  • Intonation
  • Responsiveness
  • Slotting
  • High register
  • Agility
  • Resistance & General feel
  • Casing
  • Pricing
  • Summary
  • Score

This will ensure that you quickly find what the part that is of most interest to you. Again, be sure to come back regularly because I intend to try every horn I can get my hands on and then write a detailed trumpet review. In other words, this page is going to keep growing over the months…

…and years.

P.S. If you have any suggestion on what kind of trumpet brand or any particular trumpet you would like me to make a post on, then feel free to write in the comment section below and let me know. Of course I can’t promise anything but, if I get the opportunity, I will make an effort to write an article about that particular trumpet.

Also, if you read an article and find that you have a totally different experience with that particular trumpet then, again, feel free to comment in the comment section under the article and share your personal experience. I’m not at all afraid that this could make my own post look in-accurate, or bad in some way, because we all have different opinions but what’s even more important is that the article would then give the reader even more value and info.

I’m not here to make myself “look good”, but I’m here because I want to give helpful information to the reader.  So, again, don’t be afraid to disagree or share your thoughts in the comment sections. That goes for every article I write her eon my website, by the way.