What is The Best Trumpet Valve Oil – Buyer’s Guide

What is The Best Trumpet Valve Oil ?

I consider La Tromba to be the best trumpet valve oil on the market today.

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People ask me all the time…

  • What is the best trumpet?
  • What is the best mouthpiece?
  • What is the best piccolo trumpet?

Those questions are difficult to answer because it is also a matter of taste but FINALLY an easy question…

…”what is the best trumpet valve oil ?” The short and simple answer is “La Tromba” is the best trumpet valve oil of all the oils I have tried… and I honestly think I have tried if not all then, at least, most of them.

I had a serious problem with sticky valves
best trumpet valve oil
I have been using La Tromba on all my horns for the last three years now

When I bought my B&S Eb-Trumpet it was a brand new horn. The valves were smooth and lightning fast except for the middle vale. When I pressed it down it sometimes got stuck even though everything was clean and new.

I brought  my trumpet to a repair tech but even he couldn’t see anything wrong with the valve. I tried many different kinds of valve oils but nothing seemed to help.

Then a trumpet playing friend of mine recommended the La Tromba valve oil and…

…that did the trick!

Since then I have had no problems whatsoever with the valve.
A couple of months later I bought a new Yamaha Bb Trumpet (Yamaha 8310Z Bobby Shew) I thought I’d use the Yamaha valve oil that came with the trumpet because, hey, then my La Tromba would last longer but guess what…


…same Problem With My Yamaha Trumpet

My Yamaha had the same issue with sticking valves. Not the middle valve but the first valve on this trumpet. So I cleaned the Yamaha valve oil off the valves and tried the La Tromba and, again, no more problems with the valves since then. Everything runs smooth and fast. So the answer the question “what is the best trumpet valve oil ?” is an easy one form me. I have also noticed that on some trumpet forums people ask “what is the best valve oil for Yamaha trumpets ?”…

…well I guess you know my answer by now…

..it is NOT the Yamaha valve oil even though I love the Yamaha trumpet brand, and absolutely love my 8310Z horn.

best valve oil for brass instrumentsMy father also recently switched  to La Tromba valve oil on his Bb Tuba and Eb Tuba and he is never going back to any of the other oils. Everything just works, as it should…

…and God knows brass playing is hard enough without sticky valves =)

What is the best valve oil for trumpets?

Well in order to really make a good job answering the question I made a list of the ones I have tried and put them in order with the best valve oil for brass instruments first. You should know, however,  that it’s not that big of a difference between the the losing oils. La Tromba is pretty high above them all though…

…so if you happen to be wondering “what trumpet oil should I use ?” here is a list of all the valve oils I personally have tried. Not necessarily in any particular oder but the best one at the top, at least…

  1. La Tromba
  2. Blue Juice
  3. Heatman
  4. Getzen
  5. All Cass “Fast”
  6. Ultra Pure
  7. Shilke Valve oil
  8. Yamaha regular valve oil
  9. Holton
  10. Reka valve oil

La Tromba wins but I will keep an open mind and try new stuff that comes out as well just because, well, I’m a trumpet nerd.

If you are interested in trying the La Tromba Trumpet valve oil then you can click here to check out other real user reviews on Amazon, that way you can hear what other people have to say about it as well…

…so you get a broader view than just listening to  my personal opinion.

Can I use replacements for trumpet valve oil ? Can I put something else on my valves besides real valve oil?

  • Can you use vegetable oil instead of valve oil?

It is not a good idea at all. While it might perhaps work somewhat well in the beginning, oils tend to go rancid and produce free fatty acids. The only one who might benefit from this in the long run is your trumpet repair man. I’d stay away from it if I where you.

  • Can i use olive oil on my trumpet valves ?

A student of mine once asked me “can I use olive oil on my trumpet valves” so I thought that why not make a answer on my website because there might be other people out there thinking and wondering the same thing.

Well the answer is the same as above, oil goes bad after a while and we do not want vegetable oil or olive oils on our trumpet valves. Use them in your food instead.

  • How about spit? Can I use only spit on my valves and no trumpet valve oil?

Yes you can! This was actually quite normal back in the day when my father was young. It was normal but…

…normal does not mean it worked well. They had to constantly put more spit because it dries out instantly and it is NOT healthy for the valves since the spit has sugar in it and is also acidic. If you already have real trumpet oil on the valves then do not put any spit on them as it will not mix well and besides…

…I really recommend you just invest a few dollars and get a some real valve oil. For just a few bucks you get oil that lasts for months!

What is trumpet valve oil made of?

Like oil for other machinery the oil we put in our cars and also on our trumpet valves are petroleum based. The most commonly used distillate is perhaps mineral oils.  We can also find valve oils that are synthetic and they can be beneficial for lasting longer without becoming thick or gummy. Synthetic oils are more expensive than petroleum based oils and some say it is a bit “lighter” as well. Most trumpet valve oils are synthetic nowadays.

Final words on trumpet valve oils

As I said previously, trumpet playing is difficult enough without the valves sticking and  messing with you so do yourself a favor and buy a couple of bottles of the best oil. This will last for many months and probably save you both money, headaches and repair costs =)

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope I have at least somewhat helped you with the question “what trumpet valve oil should I buy?”

-Robert Slotte-