Yamaha Silent Brass For Trumpet SB7X Practice Mute Review

The “Yamaha Silent Brass” trumpet practice mute on my kitchen table along with my two trustworthy trumpets… that have had the honor of test playing the mute”

Yamaha Silent Brass Trumpet Review
My experience with the Yamaha SB7x Silent Brass System For Trumpet

yamaha silent brass practice mute for trumpetAre you looking for answers to the questions “is the Yamaha silent brass SB 7X for trumpet any good?” or “what is the best trumpet practice mute ?” …

…IF so, keep reading because this is my detailed review of the Yamaha silent brass system for trumpet. I also compare it to another, cheaper option in the end of the article so jump right in!

  • Why should you buy it?

I’m not saying you should but I’m saying that, if you have the money to spend, perhaps consider it because the Yamaha is the best practice mute out there right now.

  • How much do they cost?

For the amount of quality you get for the money, I consider this product to be priced well. Click here to check the current price on Amazon cause it’s always changing a bit.

  • Who is this product for?

For any trumpeter that wants to make sure they can practice wherever and whenever they want because it’s incredible silent. Or for those who like to play “playalong music” through headphones since this system has got an “aux IN” feature.

How do I use the Yamaha Silent brass system?

It is VERY simple so there is absolutely no need to be tech savvy

  1. yahama sb 7X silent brass for trumpetYou will need two AA-batteries to put in on the backside.
  2. Put the mute in your trumpet and connect the mute, with the cable that came with the box,  to the “mute in” on the device.
  3. Connect headphones to the device and turn it on, adjust the volume on the side of the device and enjoy your pracitce session…

…simple right?

Yamaha Silent Brass for Trumpet SB 7X Features


yamaha sb7x silent brass system for trumpetThe “AUX-IN” you can see  on the side of this device is a cool feature.

Here you can connect whatever music source you have (smartphone, computer, cd-player, iPhone)


If you have music you like to play along with on your smartphone/iPhone, just connect the cable from the music source to the “AUX-IN” and you can have yourself and a whole band in your ears while your girlfriend is sleeping next to you playing.

Reverb option 1 & reverb option 2

On the other side of the device you can choose between two reverb options. This basically means how much “echo” you want to hear.

  • Reverb 1
    Sounds like a normal, perhaps a little bigger than normal, practice room with a little bit of acoustics.

Reverb 2
Sounds like you are playing in a big auditorium or a church. The sound is really quite pleasurable.

Clamp on the backside

You can either have it in your pocket but the device also has a clamp on the backside if you want to strap it on your belt, skirt or wherever.

 My general opinion on the Yamaha silent brass SB 7X  as a trumpet player…and how does it play?

In general, when it comes to trumpet practice mutes, there has always been two big issues.

  1. Intonation
  2. Resistance

Let’s start with the resistance

Once you put something in the horn that dampens the sound one problem we immediately face is a significant increase in resistance. Like trying to blow air through a blocked pipe. This is a well known problem with practice mutes in general, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the Silent Brass system is pretty free blowing.

Of course there is an increased resistance compared to playing without using it but, compared to other mutes I have tried, it feels much better.

The silent brass system is pretty free blowing…

This is a very good thing because it is not good for our playing mechanism if we do a lot of practicing with something that give us an excess amount of resistance.

Our whole playing apparatus is so sensitive that if it gets used to playing a certain way we will run into difficulties if something suddenly changes. This happens all the time for me with other practice mutes…

..when I have done a lot of practice on them and then suddenly go to play without any mute…I’m in trouble!  This does not happen with the silent brass however… so a huge thanks to guys at Yamaha for that.

The resistance increases a bit in the high register

yamaha silent brass sb 7x plays in the high registerThere is a slight increase of resistance as you ascend into the upper register so you will have to compensate for that with more breath support.

I have not yet found a practice mute that has solved this problem completely and I eagerly wait for someone to do it.

How is the intonation on the Yamaha practice mute

  • The low register

The lower register, from low C and down is a bit sharp, but not as much as on other practice mutes, that can sometimes make them more than a half step too sharp…

…on the Yamaha system you DO have to compensate because the lower register is noticeable sharp but, as I said, this is just one thing that practice mutes does and Yamaha has certainly improved this issue and easily wins over the other mutes on the market on this point as well.

  • The high register

On the opposite side we have the issue with a flat higher register when we play the high notes on practice mutes. Unfortunately this is also the case with the Yamaha and I guess there’s just no way of getting around these issues ith practice mutes.

How quiet is the system ?

listening to the quiet silent brass system for trumpet

Oh yeah, it is quiet. Really quiet. You can practice anywhere at any time. I can have guests in my house sleeping in the room next to me and practice when they have gone to bed if I like…

…it’s just that quiet. But not to yourself though and that’s the fun part because with the help of the volume knob on the side of the device you can turn it up so you hear your playing very loudly. Even louder than you would without using a mute.

Conclusion about the yamaha practice mute for trumpet

Is the Yamaha Silent brass for trumpet worth it?

I would have to say yes. If you have the money it is definitely worth it.

Bottom line:

  • It is very fun to practice with (love the echo)
  • It is extremely silent (you can literally practice anywhere at anytime)
  • You can plug in a CD or mp3 source and play along with the music and no one will hear anything…except you.

Everybody knows that as a serious trumpet player we have to practice to get better…well, when it comes to trumpet playing it’s not only that, we even have to practice to keep on the same level, or we lose our chops, anyway…

I guess we no longer have any excuses not to practice

…with the silent brass system there are no longer any excuses to not practice. Heck, you can even practice on the toilet at your workplace on your lunch our =)

Yamaha came out with their first trumpet one, the old model, over 20 years ago. I also bought that one and I honestly have to say that the new one I have written about in this review is much improved. It is night and day difference…

…the old Yamaha trumpet mute stuck out far when in the bell. And it was heavy. This new version goes all the way in and is light as a feather. In addition it had a very uncomfortable resistance and…

…I ended up selling it. Not this new one though because, at least for me, it is a keeper =)
Click here to find other, real user reviews on Amazon

Are there any cheaper options out there than the Yamaha system?

best trumpet practice muteThere are cheaper trumpet practice mutes and I also own another one…

…the “Bremner Sshh Mute”

It is the best trumpet practice mute there is when it comes to mutes that do NOT have that digital feedback system.

The Cons
  • No headphones or digital feedback system

With the Bremner, since there are no headphones, no batteries or any digital feedback system so you will miss out on hearing yourself clearly and with a nice reverb like you get with the Yamaha. Of course that also means no “aux-in” and no ability to play along with music in your ears…

…so in all honesty, the Bremner is not as much fun to play and practice with as the Yamaha.

The Pros
  • It is cheaper than the Yamaha
  • Free blowing and plays well in tune compared to other similar items
  • It is very silent. You would be able to practice next to a sleeping wife

It is a very good practice mute and it is as free blowing as the Yamaha, if not even more so. The resistance is much better than other ones on the market and the intonation is surprisingly good.

Another positive thing is of course that, since it does not have a digital feedback system, it makes it cheaper than the Yamaha and generally…

…this product is priced very well compared to similar items, you can
click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Which one should i choose then?

I own them both, but, I guess that doesn’t help you does it? =)  …

…well, to put it simple, if you have got the money then definitely go for the Yamaha but if you are short on cash, go for the Bremner since it is the best trumpet practice mute when it comes to mutes that does not have headphones and a feedback system.

Frequently asked questions about the Yamaha silent brass for trumpet

Q: What is the difference between the SB 7X and the SB 7Xc ?

A: The SB 7X is the only thing we need to focus on since whatever number, or letter, that comes after that is just directed at retailers. They are all the same mute as long as it starts with SB7X and if you go to the Yamaha website, it is listed only as the SB7X

Q:  What is the difference between the SB 7X and the SB 7X2 ?

A: Same answer as the answer above. There is only a SB7X and whatever number or letter comes after that is just aimed at retailers. They are all the same mutes.

Q: Can I use the Yamaha silent brass system for my C-trumpet as well?

A: Yes that’s no problem. I can even use it in my Eb-Trumpet.

Q: Can I use the Yamaha Silent brass system on my cornet?

A: Indeed you can. Practice and enjoy =)

Q: Does the cables I need come with the system

A: Yes. At least it did for me.

Q: Does it work with all trumpets, Bach, Yamaha, Getzen, Jupiter

A: Yes!

Q: Is it better than the old model that first came out over 20 years ago?

A: It is much better and I speak from experience since I also owned the old one. I did not like that one as much though. It was much heavier and had more resistance to it. It  made the trumpet heavy but this one is small and light and goes all the way inside into the trumpet bell.

Q: Can I use it with my piccolo trumpet?

A: I tried it and it actually fits in the bell without falling out. However the resistance became too big on my Getzen piccolo so, no, it’s not possible…

…at least not on my piccolo trumpet.

Q: Can I record with the device?

A: Not directly on the device but you can put a cable from the headphone jack to your computer or whatever recording device you have and record it that way.

Q: Does it come with a guarantee ?

A: If you order on Amazon you have a 30 day full money back guarantee without it costing you anything at all, should you not be happy with the mute.

Q: Where can I buy the Yamaha SB 7X mute?

A: I bought mine on Amazon as they have a full 30 day money back guarantee.  You can click here to check the price.

I hope that answers the question “what is the best practice mute for trumpet ?”,  stay stong…and keep practicing!

If you feel that you don’t have the money or need for the digital feedback system, and you’d rather practice with a standard practice mute, without the headphones, I wrote another blog post where i tested a few standard mutes. You can find that post here >> best trumpet practice mute review 

Also, please chek out my other articles on this website. You will find playing tips, advice on gear and everything else imaginable related to trumpet playing.

Thank you for reading my Yamaha silent brass review, or as the head line says;

“Yamaha Silent Brass Trumpet Review / My experience with the Yamaha SB7x “

-Robert Slotte-





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  1. Nice article that answered many questions. Thanks. I have a question though:

    Have you ever heard that the new model mute “ever” falling out? I have an old Yamaha Silent Brass, about 30 years old or so, and it used to fall out fairly consistently – very embarrassing while practicing in a small apartment after midnight and not pleasant for my neighbors. Has there been large design changes that prevents this?



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